September 7, 2009

Does the world really need another Disney blog? Or another blog in general? Probably not, but here we go anyway…

I love food (eating and cooking), beverages (adult) and Disney – and I have opinions and thoughts on these subjects – so I’m going to share them with anyone who may care to listen. Is anyone going to read (and care)? I have no idea, but we’re going to give it a shot, if you find something of interest and/or enjoyable in what I may post, great… if not, that’s great too (okay, not great, but I don’t want to start off by saying “screw you” if you don’t like what I have to say… we’ve got plenty of time for me to berate you in the future).

So what’s this really all going to be about? Food and drink at Disney is the main idea – although I don’t plan on doing “formal” restaurant reviews, I imagine many (if not most) posts will essentially be just that… comments, notes, thoughts on restaurants, bars, food carts and other various and sundry places to consume food and drink around the World…. I won’t promise we won’t stray beyond those bounds as well… I may have something to say about something Disney that may not have anything to do with food there, I may (and likely will) post about non-Disney related food – you may have to put up with notes on what I cooked last night for dinner, or a random recipe that doesn’t have a direct Disney connection (but I can relate most anything to Disney one way or another – “I made a really great chicken recipe last night, and here it is – you know they serve chicken in many Disney restaurants” – so there…). And you’ll likely have to put up with real long sentences like the one just prior to this… and a lot of ellipses… I really like ellipses…

And, just a note of caution, even thought this is Disney related, I do not promise that this will always (or ever) be politically correct – not that I think this blog may be of any great interest to children (or anyone of a “sensitive nature”) it is intended for an adult audience.

So here we go – we’ll see where it leads… I won’t promise regular posts – you may get several days in a row, then I may disappear for a while (I will claim that I’m at the World doing “research”). I hope we all have a good time… now it’s time for a cocktail! Cheers!


2 Responses to “So….”

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