The Tease – Part Two

September 11, 2009

Or should that be Part Dos???

I’m fortunate to live close enough to the World that I can go for a day trip – or even an afternoon trip if I so desire – I can leave my house (or work) and usually be inside a park in under an hour and a half.

I have been known to go over for a Friday afternoon, especially if I’ve had a less than wonderful week at the Real Job (I’m done there at about 11 AM on Fridays) and need a little de-stressor. My routine is to go to Epcot, head up to World Showcase, and take a right… just a few yards along you come to the Promenade Refreshments stand which, joy of joys, has Stella on draft! I start my “lunch” with one of those lovely libations, wander a bit, maybe do a Kim Possible Adventure or two (the animated Kim Possible, that is…) and have a late lunch in (usually) Japan – late afternoon I make the trek home along I-4.


A few weeks ago I had had one of “those” weeks at the Real Job – so headed to Epcot for the afternoon… made a right, got my Stella… wandered for a bit, listened to the Voices of Liberty and planned on a bite at the Yakitori House. For some reason, even though the park wasn’t packed (and it was about 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon), the lines there were unusually long, so I headed to Morocco for quick service there (more on that meal in another post)… continued counter-clockwise round the World Showcase until I reached Mexico… now (believe it or not) I hadn’t even thought about the Tequila Bar and if it might be open… but as I approached the pyramid of the Mexican pavilion, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to wander in and look longing again at the construction walls separating me from what I was sure would be the new love of my life… and anyway, it was damn hot, and it’s always wonderfully cool in there…



Low and behold, wonder of wonders, saints be praised! The walls were down! There was activity inside! But the doors were closed and a rope was keeping me at bay… The sign above the door read “La Cava del Tequila”… What to do? When would I be able to make my way inside? I looked around for a Cast Member that might have some appearance of knowing something… I spied a CM who was talking to a guest, and it appeared they were looking at and talking about the new object of my desire, so I sidled up to them and included myself into their discussion…

The gentleman was a very nice fellow from Boston, and the CM a native Mexican who told us the bit that she knew about the Tequila Bar – there had been a few days of VIP visits to give the staff a shake-down of sorts, and that’s what was going on now…
The CM also told us of growing up in Mexico, and as a child how she was given small sips of tequila medicinally when she was sick. I told her I also medicated myself with tequila – and I was sick almost every day…

Bottom line was that La Cava del Tequila was to open to the public the next day… rats, darn, other expletives… (sooner or later the “f word” I’m sure will make it into one of the posts, but we’ll put that debut off for now)… I had to go to Ocala on that Saturday for a wedding… Kim Possibles’ (not the animated heroine this time) son was getting married, and she had asked me to be her date for the soirée…

I called her and told her the wonderful news – the Tequila Bar was soon to open! She was going to have to call her son and tell him we could not attend the wedding due to this Great Event! After all, he’d been married once before, and she had been at that one… so why did she really need to go to this one too? For some reason she laughed – assuming I was joking. I laughed too, playing along and quickly realizing that I probably would have to miss the opening day and wind up accompanying her anyway to the nuptials…

So the tease continued – it would be a whole week before I was to experience to wonders inside…

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