September 20, 2009

After several weeks of being teased by the new tequila bar in Epcot (see The Tease – Part One and The Tease – Part Two) it was finally time to consummate my budding relationship with La Cava del Tequila…


The Friday after the second tease, I again made my way back to the World Showcase – it had been another less than wonderful week at the Real Job, so this was going to be (I hoped) an especially sweet end to the week.

Instead of my standard right turn, I planned to cheat on my usual dear Stella, and made a left towards my current agave desires… I heard my name called and a dear couple of friends came into view – I made small talk for a bit, but it was obvious I was distracted – I was on a mission… I bade them goodbye and continued on… made my way up the steps of the pyramid and into the dark and cool of the Mexican pavilion. I paused for a second to let my eyes adjust, took a breath, and made my way down the ramp towards, yes, the open tequila bar – La Cava del Tequila.


I was sweating and felt my pulse racing, as if I was out for some illicit meeting – who was I cheating on? My Stella on the other side of the Showcase? My favorite blonde Czech bartender who makes my Margaritas for me at the Tune in Lounge? Would this meeting change me? Would I find another Mistress of Alcohol in the World???


I was welcomed at the door and told I could sit anywhere I pleased… it’s dark and cool inside… heavy beams on the ceiling, a mural down one wall, aging barrels border a small seating area – the space is small, cozy might be the word… I took a seat at one of the small tables by the long wall with the mural. There are a few tables that will sit four and several designed for a couple – the smaller tables in the back could even be nice for a little romantic meeting… The bar runs the length of the left wall as you enter. You can stand at the bar if you’d like, but there are no seats there.



My server brought me the menu, gave me a quick overview and made a couple of suggestions for refreshing beverages based on the heat outside and left me to peruse the menu… there is an description of the different grades of tequila and how it’s made, a couple of pages of specialty margaritas, three or four pages of tequilas by the shot (including one for $55.00!) along with tequila tasting flights and a page of (as my sever put it) “Tapas-style” foods (okay, just say they are small portions…). They also have a Mexican beer list and a full bar in case you’re not in the mood for tequila (if that is even within the realm of possibility). Also there is a special non-alcoholic drink aimed at the young ones (I don’t recall exactly what was so special about it, as it contained no alcohol I wasn’t paying that much attention… but I heard the servers specifically mentioning it to each party that has children with them – and yes, even though this is a bar, vermin, uhhh, I mean kids, are welcome and I can’t imagine anyone would be uncomfortable bringing their kids here – it is inside a Disney park after all…).


I ordered one of the “refreshing” specialty drinks recommended by my server (who was excellent by the way) and took in my surroundings. When he brought my Limon y Jalapeno Margarita I asked my server the meaning of “La Cava” – my Spanish being embarrassingly non-existent beyond cerveza and being able to figure out a menu, I was thinking it might mean “The Cave”. He explained that “La Cava” meant “The Cellar”. Now the décor really made sense, you do have the feeling of being in a cool, darkened cellar.
And how was the drink? Delicious – it was refreshing as described – didn’t really taste the jalapeño juice, and it certainly couldn’t be described as spicy (at least not by me), but it was most definitely a tasty beverage that I would order again.


The food menu consisted of several types of tostadas – three crisp rounds per order with various toppings, guacamole, a shrimp dish and a vegetable platter. Prices ranged from about $6.00 for the guacamole to $11.00 for the crab tostada. Oh, and by the way, the specialty margaritas were $12.50 each… yes, not cheep…

I was very tempted to order at least a couple of the food items (simply in the name of research), but not wanting to be too much of a pig, I settled on the crab tostada. Wound up being a fine choice, very tasty.


The tables around me had filled in since I sat down, and as I was waiting I engaged my fellow diners in conversation about their experience at La Cava. On one side of me was a nice couple with two young boys who appeared to be grade-school age. The mother had ordered the same margarita as I had, and raved about it. The boys seemed to be enjoying the guacamole. On the other side was a young couple with a small girl who was nestled between one set of her grandparents. They had several of the various tostadas and said they enjoyed them all, but what they (at least the grandmother) seemed to really like was the vegetable platter. The only item that was left that we could really identify was jicama – so I guess on the next trip I’ll have to break down and try it, even if it might be close to being a “healthy” item!

I did try and take pictures of the menu, but they didn’t come out too well (an excuse to go back soon – as if I really need an excuse…) – at the time of this writing, I haven’t seen the menu posted yet on either All Ears or The DIS, but I’m sure it will be posted on one or both of those sites soon.

I’m sure the food here must come from the kitchen at the nearby San Angel Inn, which seems to be almost uniformly disliked by the online “Disney Community”, but on first visit, I’d say it was very good, perhaps over-priced (but we are eating at Disney), and I’d gladly try the food again…

As my “companions” made their way out of the place, shaking their collective heads about the strange man querying them about their food, while he’s taking pictures of his drinks, I ordered a different beverage (again, all in the name of research). The Piña y Chipotle Margarita, with pineapple juice and topped with a chipotle foam sounded interesting, so I gave it a try – again, very tasty, and the foam was a nice touch.


My server suggested I try one of the tequila flights, but as I wasn’t planning on sleeping on one of the Epcot benches for the night, I sadly declined, saving that for another trip. I paid my bill (and sadly, they do not take Tables in Wonderland), complimented my server and the manager, and assured them that they would be seeing lots of me in the near future.

Considering that a sign on the wall lists “Maximum Occupancy 53”, I am afraid that once the word gets out, this cellar might be almost as difficult to get into as that other cellar in Epcot.


So, I now have a new love, the anticipation and frustration of the waiting was worth it, now if only my wallet and liver can handle yet another mistress…

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    Let’s take one more look at five years ago when the blog began… this time it’s our first real visit to La Cava!


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