How to tell you’re in Georgia… Part 2

October 17, 2009


Sign at a Hardee’s…

Now I have nothing against fried bologna – actually a fried bologna sandwich can be quite a tasty delight…  just think it’s an odd thing for a chain to be promoting… (and if you’re not from the South or Midwest, Hardee’s is a regional burger chain…).

Several years ago the maternal unit was having bypass surgery in the hometown of Florence, Alabama. She was the first scheduled patient of the day, after she was put into surgery they told us there would be no news for a while, so if we wanted instead of staying in the waiting room we could go down to the cafeteria for breakfast or coffee. They were serving, of all things, fried bologna – I wondered if they were trying for repeat business…

And if you’re from Georgia, or the South in general, please note that I am a Southern Boy, so I can talk about the South all I want… Born and raised in Alabama, and lived in Georgia for many years…

Did have to make a trip back to the homeland recently as these pics attest… we’ll have some more culinary adventures from the Deep South soon…

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