Food & Wine – Quick Bites #2

November 29, 2009

Now that we’ve had a little rest and potty break, let’s continue our tour around the World Showcase during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival…

Next we make our first trip “down under” for a visit to Wellington, New Zealand.

This is a country well known for it’s lamb, so it’s not surprising that there is a dish again this year featuring that tasty meat… like last year it’s a Lamb Slider (don’t get me started on the recent popularity of “sliders”… okay, not now, but look for a post soon on this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon…) but graced this year with a Tomato Chutney (okay let’s call it what it is – fancy catsup…) as opposed to the Mustard Sauce of last year. This was a tasty, albeit fairly small, item… the slider moniker was justified…

Seared Sea Scallop with Vegetable Slaw and Lemon Oil; Lamb Slider with Tomato Chutney

Also in New Zealand was a Seared Sea Scallop (singular) with Vegetable Slaw and Lemon Oil. The large scallop was properly cooked – overdone they can get rubbery – and atop a bed of thinly sliced bell peppers, onion and fennel. This was another winner of a dish, and considering what one would pay for a scallop appetizer of two or three scallops in a restaurant, this was a relatively good value at $4.00.

Now we make our way to waterside and, what’s this? A line at Ireland? I think most of us know little past potatoes and maybe Guinness based stews when it comes to the foods of the Emerald Isle – if what was served at the Cork, Ireland kiosk is any indication, there is much beyond that, and it is delicious! (Alright – the picture shows no line – it was taken before the festival opened, so get off my back…)

If any single dish was the hit of the festival, it was the Lobster & Scallop Fisherman’s Pie. I heard more people talking about this wonderful concoction than probably everything else combined. It was also the only item I had on every trip – and probably would have had more if it hadn’t been so blazing hot during many of the days I was there!

Lobster & Scallop Fisherman’s Pie

A small ramekin (okay, plastic bowl) was filled with pretty generous portions of the shellfish swimming in a rich lobster gravy and topped with a crust of mashed potatoes and cheese. Rich, delicious, where’s my thesaurus freakin’ good! So good we have to have two pictures good…

Lobster & Scallop Fisherman’s Pie (again...)

Playing bridesmaid to the Fisherman’s Pie was a Kerrygold“ Cheese selection. The assortment of Cheddar, Dubliner and Ivernia (don’t ask me which was which… I was at least two Guinnesses in by this point…) was nice and accompanied by a Brown Bread and Apple Chutney. I really liked the flavor of the chutney and the dense, relatively bland bread was a good foil to bring out the flavors of the cheeses. Several people I talked to weren’t crazy about this item, as they didn’t care for the bread and chutney… but to me this was a nice combo.

Not the Kerrygold Cheese Selection

I couldn’t find a good picture of the cheese, so how about a random picture of one of the new Muppet movie parody posters from the Studios? Moving on…

Finally at Cork we had probably what was the hit dessert – a Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Bailey’s Ganache – do I even need to describe this??? The name pretty much says it all… rich, chocolate, sinfulness… I need to sit down just thinking about it (and remember, I’m not a big one on sweets…). Only negative to this dish (other than the calories) was that it was another steaming hot food if you had it during most days of the festival… but at night… ohhhh…

Not the Chocolate Lava Cake with Bailey’s Ganache

Alright – for some reason I don’t have a picture of the cake either, so here’s another Muppet poster.

The cake was round and brown, and the sauce was brown, use your damn imagination…

If I had to pick the best booth of the Festival, this was it… Oh yeah, there was Guinness on tap… happy, happy, joy, joy…

Okay, I know we only visited two kiosks, but I think it’s time for another rest stop… it is a fairly long walk to our next stop in Paris after all… and maybe we should take another trip through the line at Ireland while we’re here… stay tuned…

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