I gotta get out more….

December 8, 2009

The weekend after Thanksgiving I ran (okay, we know that means mostly walking very fast…) in the Jingle Bell Run 5K Run/Walk for Arthritis in Tampa. The “Plaza Run” race was held this year at the International Plaza Mall. Now I don’t get to this mall, and the adjacent Bay Street dining area, often… even though I do live in the “Tampa Bay Area”, International Mall is a good 45 minute to an hour drive from lovely Riverview, and especially since there is now an Apple Store much closer in Brandon…

But I did discover something new since the last time I had been to Bay Street… Early in the AM on that Sunday, fueled only by a good amount of coffee and a Clif bar I wandered through the darkened dining area to find the registration area for the race… some early morning workers were around – walkway being pressure washed – the clatter of dishes through the open back door of a restaurant – and the inside lighted up of, yes, the Holy Grail of Sandwiches – an Earl of Sandwich!

Disney fans are practically unanimous in their praise of the store located in Downtown Disney – some even make special trips there for one of the tasty, hot sandwiches… I had really never given much thought to this being a chain (it’s almost too good…), but it is, and if one is near you, be sure to give it a try… freshly made hot and unique sandwiches, usually all under six bucks… and of course salads, chips, and various other fresh sides… mmmm…


Even though I don’t get to that mall often, I do have to make a pilgrimage every so often to a nearby location, so I now may have to make a short side trip for lunch… and that nearby location? I like to refer to it as the “Disneyland of Alcohol” (or the DOA for short), but most people know it as Total Wine… the best likker store in the whole wide world (or at the least the best I’ve been into…)


And for full disclosure, we here at Eating (and Drinking) around the World have no financial arrangement nor have we received any type of remuneration from either of the above businesses for our praise heaped upon them… not that we would be adverse to same… we will gladly whore ourselves for food and drink… call us…

An unusual race aside: as you probably know, most races have one or more places where they provide the participants with water and/or Powerade/Gatorade (or other sports drinks). Volunteers usually hand out the liquid in crushable Dixie cups which are then normally strewn wildly about by the participants and left for the poor volunteers to clean up… this race was basically two-plus loops around the mall, and there was one water station that was passed twice – the first pass by was the usual Dixie cup… but on the second round it appears they must have run out and had to use whatever they could find:

Ohhh… if only they had be really handing out Jager Bombs at 9 AM…

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