Now it makes sense….

February 4, 2010

A couple of things at the World had me mildly puzzled for a bit, but after a bit of further “research” (part of which at least involved wandering around with a margarita…) both now make a bit more sense…

After the Food and Wine Festival ended last year at Epcot, the kiosk in Mexico remained standing, while all the others were tucked away somewhere backstage… I thought this a bit odd, even though the design of the booth did fit into the Mexico motif.

Mexico City kiosk during Food and Wine Festival 2009

A couple of weeks ago, keeping that booth open made sense as the construction walls (and screens) went up around Cantina de San Angel, the main quick service restaurant in Mexico…

I had heard about changes coming there, but I was under the impression it was just a menu renovation, and maybe a minor clean-up… but now the word is that this location will morph into a much larger 400 seat waterside dining establishment that will reportedly be part counter service, part table service. How that’s going to work I still don’t know (and if you have any concrete info, please post a comment!), will one part be one and one part the other? Or will it be counter service at lunch and sit down at dinner (like one of the new Fantasyland eateries is projected to be)? Another question is where will all those new seats go? My conjecture is that they will be added along the waterfront where the little store now exists that is adjacent to the restaurant… there is a lot of empty space there and it would seem to be the place they could add seats will fairly little extra construction… notes that the new refurbed restaurant will (according to the company that runs it) will be “specializing in the freshly baked culinary flavors of Mexico.” Okay… I’m not exactly holding my breath… Yes, additional waterfront seating is great for World Showcase (especially if you can snag one during Illuminations), but the bottom line will be how good the food is… will it be the sorta-as-good-as-Taco Bell-at twice-the-price generic Mexican, or will it really be something a bit better and different? Time will tell, but I’m not getting my hopes up…

And how is the food right now at the kiosk? We’ll save that little review for later… I’m sure you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for that one!

Likewise many had been puzzled as to why the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party that had been hosted at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station had been, at least for the time being, put on hold. By all accounts, this was a popular event, so when it was announced it was being discontinued in January of this year many were surprised, and most assumed that it would eventually return… my guess was that with this being a traditionally slow time of year, Disney may have surmised they were going to have a more difficult time filling the event, and simply put it on hold until the spring when the parks start to fill back up…

Well, a recent trip found the Tomorrowland Terrace, like the restaurant in Mexico, surrounded by construction walls and screens.

Even though I tried to peer through the screens and cracks as best as possible, it was unclear as to what was actually going on behind those blue walls… are they merely sprucing up the area? Or perhaps making some sort of physical changes to better accommodate the patrons of the Dessert Party? Will we actually get a Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant that’s actually open more than “seasonally”? I guess time will tell… if any of you out there have any info, rumors, suppositions or just wild speculation, post a comment!

And while we’re n the subject of construction walls – as you may have heard, Disney now has a “Official Construction Wall Sponsor” in Stanley Tools… instead of the fairly generic sign of “We’re Building the New Epcot” or “This area is being refurbished for your future enjoyment”, or whatever… the new signs feature quotes from Walt (along with the Staley logo at the bottom). And actually, these signs are really quite nice – the quotes are well chosen (some will be familiar, but many were new to me at least…), and the signs style and font is designed to fit in with the park, and area it’s in… I took a few pictures of them to share with you, and you’ll see the difference in the signs from Epcot, and the ones from Tomorrowland, and the ones from around the Crystal Palace (which is also undergoing a refurb right now). The same quotes seem to be used throughout, and I’m sure someone much more anal than myself (no snide comments here please) will eventually document them all (if they haven’t done so already…)

Sign in Mexico in Epcot

Sign in Tomorrowland (Noodle Station) in the Magic Kingdom

Sign in Tomorrowland (Noodle Station) in the Magic Kingdom

Sign in Tomorrowland (Noodle Station) in the Magic Kingdom

Sign in Tomorrowland (Noodle Station) in the Magic Kingdom

Sign in Tomorrowland (Noodle Station) in the Magic Kingdom

Sign at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom

Okay – we have a bit-a** steak waiting to go on the Egg… back with you soon!

2 Responses to “Now it makes sense….”

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