Research, research, research….

February 8, 2010

I sure hope you people appreciate what I go through for you…

This weekend I forced myself to spend a weekend at Kidani Village (the fairly new DVC resort at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disneyworld)… along with this hardship I had scheduled meals at Sanaa and Jiko to add to the misery….

Since I wasn’t sure I could endure all this alone, Mistress Sandra reluctantly agreed to accompany me on this arduous task of research for you, dear readers… I can only hope that the three of you truly can understand all that we here at Eating (and Drinking) around the World go through just for you…

Along the way we also forced ourselves to try the Wine Walk at Epcot, the Culinary Tour at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, as well as a couple of new quick service choices around the World…

So over the next few weeks you can look forward to several new posts from this weekends agony…

We put ourselves through such pain and tribulation, and all just for you… we damn sure hope you appreciate it…

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