Let’s play…

February 17, 2010

name that vegetable!

Send a comment with your answer – first correct answer wins… well nothing (other than the admiration of all two of my other dear readers – yes friends, we have added one!) …

Who knows – if this is fun and we do more, we’ll think of something that would be prize-worthy!

So let’s see who knows their veggies!

6 Responses to “Let’s play…”

  1. April Says:

    Romaine lettuce?

    I really have know idea, I just wanted to leave you a comment. 😉


  2. Sarah Says:

    Looks kind of like Napa Cabbage.


  3. Monique Richison Says:

    Please release me from suspense…what is it? It’s gotta be from the cabbage family…


  4. sambycat Says:

    some weird fat bok choy


  5. sambycat Says:

    WTF IS IT????????????


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