And the walls come tumbling down….

March 28, 2010

Early last month we gave you a lovely tour of many of the construction walls that were gracing the World (that’s Walt Disney World for those of you not in the know…).  You can revisit this amazing homage to walls here.

At least one venue has had the walls removed recently – the Tomorrowland Terrace in the Magic Kingdom. It was announced this week that the Wishes Dessert Party that had been held in this area was, not surprisingly, returning the end of March.

Details are on the  official Disney Parks Blog.

Some had wondered why this relatively newly introduced, and apparently popular, event had been called off a while back… when I saw the walls up around this area I knew that it was just a matter of time (that is, when one of the slower times of the year had passed, and they had the opportunity to spruce the area up a little bit…) before this was to return…

It doesn’t appear that any massive changes were made to the terrace area… here are some pics for your visual enjoyment:

This space seems that it would be the most fought-over spot… if you look up you’ll see that this is right in line with the path that Tink takes on her travel from the Castle…

We at Eating and Drinking Around the World haven’t yet sampled the offerings and view of the Wishes Dessert Party, but will force ourselves to do so as soon as possible, as usual, just for you dear readers (both of you)…  can’t say how soon we’ll be able to procure a spot there, as we’re heading into some busier times of year (Spring Break, etc.), but we’ll report when we can… if any of you out there tried it out before, please post a comment with your thoughts!

Back to the kitchen…

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