WDW Weekend Eats…

April 13, 2010

This weekend I had the chance to visit the World (okay, yes, both of my regular readers know I practically live there…), see the fabulous performer Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits fame at Epcot, and most importantly, spend some true quality time with some really great friends! And along the way, yes, there was food and beverage involved… so here’s a few (relatively brief) notes about some of the items consumed the past couple of days…

Best picture I was able to get of Peter Noone... sorry...

Saturday Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s

This venue in the Contemporary Resort hosts a popular character breakfast populated by the Fab Five (for those not in the know, the Disney Fab Five consists of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) in their chef garb.

The characters come by and visit periodically during your meal, and on this occasion, our group was there to attend the first Character Meal for young Master Everett. The characters were great, and especially when interacting with an infant.

So, how about the really important stuff? The food?

They serve a large buffet with pretty much something for everyone – typical breakfast items of scrambled eggs, pancakes, Mickey waffles and so forth are accompanied by a good selection of “healthy” fresh fruits (and lox and bagels discreetly hidden down that way).

Fresh fruit and other healthy stuff... note how there is no one there...

Hearty selections included Pluto’s Corned Beef Hash (topped with a cornbread-style topping), Bacon and Cheese Potatoes (cheesy shredded hash browns) and a pretty good Vegetable Lasagna (courtesy of Chef Goofy).

Veggie Lasagna, sitting (ironically?) next to Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

A decent breakfast pizza was on the “kids” section of the buffet, along with tater tots, the latter excited many in our party (as tater tots seem to be a rare treat to some…) until they tasted them – they are not a good item to hold under the heat lamps apparently…

Mickey Waffles, the "Sad Little Tater Tots" and Breakfast Pizza

Did someone ask for pancakes?

Big Keg 'o Syrup

Plenty of pastries and sweets were also around, including the ever-popular Rice Krispies treats. I popped a couple of doughnut holes in my mouth on the way out…

Overall the food was really pretty good, and with the high volume of diners most items seemed to be fresh and turning over pretty quickly.

People always want to know about the “value” of WDW restaurants – character meals are a special case, as you defiantly pay a premium for them. The food here was good, but was it worth the extravagant $28.99 (for an adult meal)? When you just consider the food alone, of course not (the breakfast buffet at Boma for under $20 is, in my opinion, much better than this), but when you factor in the character interaction, and in our case for this meal, spending time with some great friends, yes, it was more than worth it… and we did have a plum table with a great view of the castle and Space Mountain that didn’t hurt…

Beverages at Animal Kingdom

Later that day several of us ventured to the Animal Kingdom park for a meeting with the Great Mongello. As Cocktail Hour (noon, that is) approached, a friend (who shall remain nameless to protect his pristine reputation) suggested that it might be time for a Yak Attack. As I had never tasted this allegedly delectable drink, I (not-so reluctantly) agreed, all in the name of “research”, of course…

This frozen combination of “Mango Daiquiri, Bacardi Light Rum and Wildberry Flavors” is served at a window around the corner from the Yak and Yeti restaurant. The colorful concoctions was yes, dear readers, quite tasty… and I now regret that I haven’t sampled it sooner… I will have to make up for lost time…

Yak Attack!

Snacks on the Boardwalk

Mid-afternoon I made my way back to my room at the Boardwalk Villas (yes, life is rough) for a bit of a rest and clean-up before the evenings festivities. Feeling a bit peckish, I scouted out the kiosks and stores around the Boardwalk area… Funnel Cakes? No…  Something from the Bakery? Nope… Something from Boardwalk To Go?

This kiosk is referred to simply as the Hot Dog Cart on the area guidemap, and yes they feature said franks, but a small hanging sign was touting a new item, Fried Cheese Ravioli… sounded like it was just the right thing…

Five ravioli were pulled from the freezer, dropped into hot oil, and a few minutes later were presented to me with some marinara sauce for dipping. Yes, they were frozen (no shock there), but freshly fried to order and was certainly something different than the usual fare…

Fried Ravioli

At $4.50 (including tax), it was not a cheap snack, and for five pieces of cheese-filled dough, this is most definitely a snack, but I’d gladly have those again to compliment a cold brewed beverage… (I did have my friend Stella waiting in the ‘fridge in my room).

Sunday Breakfast at Kouzzina

This was my second breakfast trek to the still fairly new restaurant from Iron Chef Cat Cora. Kim Possible and I had the morning meal there on the second day they were open – we both had savory selections that day (that we quite liked), so on this AM I wanted to try something more sweet… my server suggested her favorite of the “Classic” Waffle, but I was intrigued by the flavor combos of the Blueberry Orange Granola Pancake…

While trying to make up my mind I sampled a White Sangria… now dear readers, no, I really don’t usually drink at breakfast, well not that often, or even regularly, usually not at all… (anyone believe me?)… but again, I took one for the team… just for your elucidation, dear readers… (okay, we all know this is BS – I had one the first time I was here as well…).

Mmmm... refreshing White Sangria

The drink is actually quite crisp and refreshing – and since it’s basically diluted wine, the alcohol content can’t be too high. I think one could consume two, or even three of these and still not lose it on Space Mountain soon after…

Anyway, I did decide on the pancakes…  eventually a large platter arrived with a large single pancake of nearly 12” (almost up to a foot!) in diameter. I was initially disappointed by the sparse scattering of blueberries, until I found more hidden in the batter…

Blueberry Orange Granola Pancake

I first tasted it sans butter or syrup, and it was quite flavorful – the orange was definitely there, but not overpowering. I added a bit of buteer and some syrup, and made fairly quick work of disposing of my meal. On the side was a choice of bacon or chicken sausage. I selected the latter – it was very dense with a nice flavor, but somewhat tough… yet I’d probably chose it again…

So there’s a quick look at some of the items I put into my system over the past weekend… hope you enjoyed eating vicariously…  now we need to get back to the kitchen!

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