More WDW Weekend Eats…

May 2, 2010

Last weekend I was forced to visit the World once again (don’t hate me because I go so often…).

Okay, so by the time I get this finished and posted, it will actually be “weekend before last” – so shoot me…

Lil’ Sis Lindsay was down from lovely Janesville for her annual birthday-slash-anniversary trip and I, of course, went over to spend some quality time with her.

It was a solo trip for Lindsay, as her husband Big Josh is away working on flying machines in Iraq. She often refers to me as her “Disney Husband”, while I consider her the “Little Sister I Never Had”… take that for what you will…

Along the way, we met up with some other friends, and good times were had by all.

And once again, there was plenty of food and beverages involved… here’s a few notes about some of what went down (my throat, that is) those days…

Friday Dinner at Sanaa

The Indian/African inspired cuisine of this restaurant in Kidani Village has made this one of my current favorite dining stops in the World. And now that I’ve had several visits, I’ll (eventually) give you a full review of my experiences there…

Prior to dinner was, to no one’s surprise, cocktails… Lil’ Sis Lindsay had heard me waxing eloquent for months about the pleasures of the African Starr Mojito, so she tried one…. She didn’t like it… I’m blaming her medications… sad for her, more for me…

African Starr Mojito

For food this night we started with the Bread Service – three Indian-style breads with a choice of three dips. We selected the Coriander Chutney, Mango Chutney and the Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus. All were quite good, and we pretty much finished all of it off (and considering that this is plenty enough for up to four to share as a starter, well…).

Bread Service

The Dips: Coriander Chutney, Mango Chutney and the Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

Also as a starter I ordered the Pulled Duck with Red Curry Sauce which comes served atop a five-grain bed of rice. The flavor was good, but to my personal tastes, I would have liked a bit more spice/heat.

Pulled Duck with Red Curry Sauce

For entrees I (on our servers recommendations between two items I hadn’t had there before) had the Tandoori Shrimp, while across the table was the Tandoori Lamb Chops.

Let’s just say that Lil’ Sis Lindsay became a lamb fan that night – once I told her it was okay to pick those bones up and gnaw away, all bets were off! I had this same dish on my last visit here, and yes, it was really good.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

My shrimp was good, but probably the least favorite entrée I’ve had at Sanaa. Just nothing too special about it.

Tandoori Shrimp

As Lindsay was on the dining plan, we sampled the Dessert Sampler, even though we were about to soon go into Dessert Overload at the Magic Kingdom after dinner.  The sampler consists of Chocolate Cake, Passion Fruit Kulfi, and Chai Cream – the last being my favorite among the three.

Like tea? Your server will gladly bring out a box-full of bottles filled with tea leaves for you sniffing pleasure…

After her post dinner tea, Lil’ Sis Lindsay and I made our way to the Magic Kingdom for:

Wishes Dessert Party

A section of the Tomorrowland Terrace is cordoned off for those willing to pony up the funds to attend the Fireworks Dessert Party.

More sweets than you can shake a fork at are on a long buffet for your happy caloric consumption. I won’t even begin to try and describe all the items offered (take a look at the pics for some representative choices), but I’ll say that all we sampled were top-notch… coffee, soft drinks, water, etc. was also there for the taking. And yes, if you insisted on something healthy, there was a selection of fresh fruit that wasn’t dipped in chocolate.

You’re allowed in up to one hour prior to the fireworks, and the sweets are refilled constantly up until show time. You’re assigned tables, and even though we were among the last to arrive (note to Lil’ Sis Lindsay – try not to leave your car keys on the table at Sanaa next time…) we were taken to our table that was front and center – score!

At five minutes before the start of the fireworks, you’re allowed to move up to the front wall if you wish to stand during Wishes. There is enough room for pretty much everybody along the wall without crowding to get their own “Front Row” seat (okay, “Front Row” stand) for the always emotional “Wishes”. Even thought the show is designed to be viewed from right in front of the castle (and this vantage point is off to the right), not having to push and shove a crowd for a good view is a great trade-off… and best of all, Tinkerbell’s flight path comes down right over your head!

This is one of those extra-cost things at Disney that people often ask “is it worth it”? If you only come down once every year or two, or for a special occasion, I’d say the answer is a big “Yes”. No, it’s not cheap  – $21.99 to  $25.99 for adults (depending on the time of year) – but for the entire experience, it’s well worth it.

Now in a diabetic coma, we made our ways to our respective resorts to await:

Saturday Breakfast at O’hana

This eatery based in the island-themed Polynesian Resort is probably best known for it’s decadent banana-stuffed Tonga Toast.

We sipped Mimosas as we considered that menu option as well as the delicious sounding Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes… but something else caught my eye…

Our server asked us for our choices, and when I queried her about “The Somoan”, she started into a nearly orgasmic description of the dish… Their version of the classic Eggs Benedict features a base of crispy fried potatoes in lieu of the usual English muffin. Then taking the place of Canadian Bacon is a very generous helping of succulent pulled pork. Poached eggs with an extremely flavorful hollandaise sauce top off the pork and potatoes… damn… go there… now… even if you’re a vegetarian you have to try this!

The Somoan (okay, the picture sucks, but the food doesn't!)

This is now (at least for this week) my favorite breakfast dish ever… I will most definitely go back to Kona just to have this dish…

Lindsay chose the massive Big Kahuna plate, which included the aforementioned Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes along with French toast, eggs and three pork products (ham, bacon and sausage). Oh yeah, potatoes too…

Big Kahuna

This was more than any normal human could, or should, eat… so fortunately there was plenty extra that she didn’t eat for me to sample. The pancakes were a nice change from the normal, but I really liked the flavor of the spicy sausage.

After such a huge breakfast, we were pretty well sated until dinner… Lindsay had decided she wanted to be adventurous and have her first sushi experience, so we had:

Dinner at Kimonos

I’m a long-time fan of items wrapped in and served atop rice, but had yet to make my way to the Swan to try the offerings at Kimonos. Having heard it was a really good sushi spot from many, including that gustatory great, Doc Terminus, when Lil’ Sis Lindsay decided she wanted to give sushi a go, it was our choice for her initiation.

When I notified the good Doc that we were planning on dining there, he gladly agreed to join us for the repast.

Located on the ground floor of the Swan resort near Disney’s Boardwalk, the space is very attractive and the staff was very attentive and pleasant… and how was the food? Well… let’s see…

We started with a couple of hot appetizers. The Chicken Satay was tender “chicken on a stick” with a peanut dipping sauce. The sauce was thinner than usual for this dish, but the flavor was fine.

Chicken Satay

Also along for the party was the Filled Eggplant with Crab and Chicken. These were batter-fried and served with a sweet chili sauce. The chicken was the predominate flavor and texture here, and this item rocked! It was delicious, and I’d return to Kimonos just for this item.

Filled Eggplant - Yum!

We ordered a variety of sushi rolls, and I only subjected my naïve companion to one (half) raw dish. The rolls were the usual Spider (tempura soft shell crab), a Tempura Asparagus, the tasty and visually stunning Dragon (tuna and crispy shrimp) and the Alaska roll (a crab salad inside with smoked salmon and roe on the top) that was the favorite of Doc Terminus.


I also ordered some Sweet Shrimp, which offers you up the contrast of raw shrimp meat with the crispy fried heads. Yumm… this was some of the best fried heads I’d had, and even though my tablemates gave them a try, neither was too crazy for them, so yea! More for me!

Good heads!

Lindsay bravely tried everything, including the raw shrimp. Even though she wasn’t crazy about either end of the shrimp, she seemed to enjoy the rolls, and I give her props for giving all a try.

All in all Kimonos was a big winner. On this night we were able to walk right in and get seated immediately – I think this location is just enough “off the usual Disney beaten path” to be a somewhat hidden gem, and I’ll definitely be back.

Later in the evening, Kimonos turns into a karaoke establishment, and the fairly small space may fill up a bit more later in the evening… I do believe further research is in order…

Kimonos does not offer discounts for Disney Passholders, nor honors the Tables in Wonderland card, but does give 20% off for DVC members… go figure…

Lastly for the weekend was:

Sunday (early) Lunch at Le Cellier

Lindsay had garnered one of the much-sought-after reservations at this uber-popular World Showcase restaurant. We arrived a few minutes before our scheduled 11:30 AM seating. At the opening of the restaurant, the staff gathered outside the doors to serenade us with a rousing and enthusiastic rendition of their national anthem, “Oh, Canada”.

After we were seated we perused the familiar menu. Despite the early hour, Lindsay decided she just must have the Mushroom Filet, while I chose to have two appetizers: the renowned (I’m sure somewhere there is a song dedicated to this) Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, and as my “entrée” the Prince Edward Island Mussels.

We were soon presented with our selection of breads, and as usual, the pretzel bread disappeared quickly.

My bowl of soup came soon thereafter – this is one of the best-known and most revered dishes at WDW. Hot, thick and full of cheesy bacony goodness – even lactose-intolerant vegans fall to their knees in praise of this Canadian concoction. Just don’t tell my cardiologist…

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

When our entrees arrive, Lindsay tucked into her tender steak while I had a go at the mussels. The bivalves were a hearty portion (18 to be exact, one of which didn’t want to open, so I passed on that potentially dead soldier) in a scant, but tasty broth of aromatics and coconut milk.

Mushroom Filet

Prince Edward Island Mussels

We shared tastes of a special Flower and Garden Festival dessert – a pineapple cake with chocolate butterfly wings – it wasn’t bad, but nothing too special – prettier than it tasted…

Shortly after lunch, we met up with Miss Bonnie and parts of her brood for a boat ride through Mexico – sadly I had to drive back to the lovely Bay area shortly thereafter, or of course a visit to La Cava del Tequila would have been in the offing (I did make the appropriate genuflections to it’s honor as we passed by).

All in all another wonderful weekend at the World filled with great and dear friends, and of course, food and drink!

I hope you’ve enjoyed another look at some of the items ingested recently at the World… now back to the kitchen!

2 Responses to “More WDW Weekend Eats…”

  1. Emma Says:

    Thank you for sharing your weekend of wonderful Disney food!

    All looks delicious – we loved Sanaa when we ate there last July, and I’m hoping to book an ADR at Kona cafe for this December’s trip!



    • fishyrocketboy Says:

      Hi Emma! Thanks for the nice comment – hope things are great there “across the pond”! Hope to see you soon!


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