Quick Bites… yet more WDW weekend eats…

May 17, 2010

Okay, it wasn’t a full weekend at the World this time, actually less than 24 hours – but there were a few things consumed… big surprise, huh?

Went over Friday afternoon (weekend before last by now…) and was going to meet up with Little Karen see The Littlest Monkee (aka Davy Jones) in Epcot.

Started my trek around World Showcase with my usual first stop at Promenade Refreshments for a refreshing Stella draft. We must have our proper sustenance when getting ready to walk through multiple countries, now don’t we?


Had a little time before the shows started, and decided to stop by the Yakatori House in Japan for a bit of a snack. For a long time they have had a couple of types of pre-packaged sushi available, but the items were just listed on a small sign on the counter –  three sushi items have now been added to the “official” menu.

There is the ubiquitous California Roll, a Spicy Tuna Roll and my choice for the day, Sukiyaki Beef Sushi Roll. Described on the menu as “Sukiyaki Beef, green onions and sesame seeds reverse rolled in sushi rice and seaweed”, this roll was just the right size to tide me over… the flavor was good, and it was a nice change of pace from a typical sushi roll. This would be a nice intro for someone you’re trying to get into to the world of sushi… unless they are a vegetarian of course…

This is served cold – it’s not the same grilled beef sushi that was available during Food & Wine .

Sukiyaki Beef Sushi Roll

After the enjoyable walk down memory lane with Davy Jones, we took that Last Train out of Clarksville and Little Karen and I decided it was time, yes friends, to eat…

Davy Jones. Great photo by Little Karen.

We decided to check on the wait time at Tokyo Dining and the fairly short 20 minutes gave us just enough time to wander over to France (and back) for a couple of Grey Goose Slushies prior to dinner.

After much bowing and politeness we were shown to our table near the chefs. More bowing ensued as we were given our menus. There was more bowing as the Kirin arrived and we placed our order for a few sushi items – a simple Shrimp Roll, crispy Tempura Roll, and the spicy Volcano Roll. Sadly they were out of the Yam Roll that night, which has become a surprising favorite of mine.

Shrimp Roll

Tempura Roll

Volcano Roll - yes we couldn't wait to dig in before the picture was taken...

All items were good, with the Volcano Roll being the favorite of both of us.

I’ve found this restaurant to be consistently good quality with good, if perhaps overly polite, service. It is usually fairly easy to get into, and if can snag one of the tables by the window, you have a great view of the World Showcase Promenade, and if you time it right, Illuminations.

There was much more bowing as we made our way out of the restaurant into the beautiful nighttime of World Showcase.

We made our way out of the park after a nice walk and I headed to my luxurious digs at All Star Sports for a good nights sleep.

I was planning a fairly quick exit the next morning as there was much work to do back at the Eating and Drinking Around the World Kitchens, but I can’t leave any of the All Stars (or Port Orleans) without my favorite guilty Bad For You Breakfast: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Disney, perhaps a bit surprisingly, actually makes a damn good biscuit, and that’s coming from a true Southern Boy, and when it’s drowning in tasty cholesterol-laden-sausage-flecked gravy, it’s even better. Add a generous amount of black pepper and some Tabasco and I’m a happy boy… just don’t tell my cardiologist…

After a quick visit to the Magic Kingdom (during which I discovered the new murals in Fantasyland shown in the prior post “Picture This…”) I made my way back along I-4 after an all too short visit.

More cooking, eating and of course, drinking are on their way…

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