The summer at the Magic Kingdom is…

June 22, 2010


It’s not just Disney-hype… the changes made for this summer are really pretty cool…

We were on hand for the “opening night” of the new fireworks, et al, a couple of weeks ago, and as we noted shortly after, there are certainly already many great descriptions, photos (much better than here) and videos for you to view all around the Interwebs… despite that, we’re going to go ahead and share a few pics and details here with you, both of our faithful readers, after our second visit to the Magic Kingdom during “Summer Nightastic”.

First of all (and last of all too, as the fireworks are in-between two showings of the parade…) at the Magic Kingdom is the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. This classic procession highlights classic Disney films – Alice, Peter Pan, pretty much all the classic princesses…

Smoke this...

Even though the floats have obviously gone thru a bit of a technology upgrade since it’s inception – as it’s origins date from the 70’s, there are no new or even relatively recent characters represented… not that I have anything against that at all, but it was a bit sad that no one around us seemed to have a clue as to who Eliot and Pete (from the appropriately named “Pete’s Dragon”) were… and that seemed to be the most recent film represented in the parade…

Could that be???

And, of course, “Pete’s Dragon” has to be a favorite of us here at Eating and Drinking Around the World as much of the film takes place in a bar, the fantastic Mickey Rooney rarely has a sober moment, and what the hell, they even get the damn dragon drunk… what’s not to love??? Think if they tried to make THAT movie these days?

Yes! It's Eliot, the often invisible dragon!

Anyway, the parade is a ton of fun – all ages around us seemed to love it.

Again we viewed the summer version of the castle fireworks show – totally different from “Wishes”, this show features perimeter shells and a fantastic effect of Captain Hook and his crew attacking the castle…

The Jolly Roger on the castle!

Hook and the crew seem to be winning!

Could things get worse???

But someone (we won't say who) saves the day!

Are the fireworks worth the price of admission? Not really, but damn close!

Also apparently (even though I can’t find it mentioned in any of the “Nightastic” write-ups… and no, I haven’t thought to check the daily times guide when in the Magic Kingdom…) there is a dance party on the “Stitch Stage” in Tomorrowland.

The first night the Electrical Parade and new fireworks were presented just happened to coincide with Gay Days in the Magic Kingdom (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). Mistress Sandra, Doc Terminus and myself were wandering around before the fireworks and happened upon the activity in Tomorrowland – as we approached the stage we saw a young lady leading the dance moves, the large video screen above her showing a music video of… wait for it… wait for it… the Village People doing “YMCA”… could it have been more of a stereotype???

Okay, so this isn't the Village People, but you get the idea...

Now Disney doesn’t officially recognize or endorse the Gay Days events, but of course they are more than aware of them – we just assumed that this dance party was there for the benefit of the added crowd on that day, and since we first came across it while “YMCA’ was playing… well, I’m just saying…

Anyway, seems that this little dance event is an ongoing event during the summer, as it was still going on again during our last visit…

Space Goofy doing the Chicken Dance - yes the Chicken Dance - something's just not right about that...

So that’s a quick look at the events at the Magic Kingdom – at the Studios there is a re-vamped Tower of Terror (very cool new effect, we’ll leave that one for you to see for yourself) and the “Rock & Glow Dance Party” – at Animal Kingdom they are having some extended evening hours (doesn’t seem to be too late most nights, but this is really a gorgeous park at night if you ever have the opportunity to be there after dark… and Everest and Kali both are incredible after nightfall!) – Epcot’s “Nighttastic” event seems to consist of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series… same thing they have each year with cover bands performing the hits of bands like the Eagles, Stones, Bee Gees, etc.

See you this summer in the World!

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