Robot! Where’s my damn drink???

July 16, 2010

Way back in January, I speculated on the possibility of us ever actually having cocktails in the Magic Kingdom (I also wondered about the possibilities of pole-dancing Princesses… and I guess the world outside of my two dedicated readers now also knows of my Princess fixation thanks to my good friends over at WDW Today…) – that speculation was spurred by the refurbed exit queue to Space Mountain in which appeared the futuristic cocktail-serving mechinoid seen below.

Those sure are some big-ass olives in what can only be the martini of the future!

Well… all good things must end… seems our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow of cocktails has been replaced….

by what? Juice???

Okay, so I guess it could still contain some sort of adult beverage, but certainly less overtly so…

Did some Disney suit decide that young eyes seeing robots serving martinis would most certainly be led into a Disney-induced future of alcoholism and despair? Or (probably more likely) did some guest actually complain? And if they did can I please somehow hear that conversation???

Oh well, at least we have the real things in all the other parks, even if that aren’t served by a mechanical man… damn, that would be too cool…

One Response to “Robot! Where’s my damn drink???”

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