More construction fun around the World!

July 25, 2010

Knowing how much at least one of my (now) three dedicated readers enjoy pictures of construction walls and the like, here’s some more from this past weekends visit to WDW for your viewing enjoyment.

This weekend was my first foray to Downtown Disney since the announcement that the famous Red-Headed Clown had been unceremoniously dumped to be replaced by a Cowboy Hat-Wearing Fowl (or is that a sombrero he’s sporting?).

The construction-destruction involved with the new Latin-flavor eatery that’s replacing the long-standing McDonald’s seems to be well on the way…

The semi-iconic clock tower in now just a shell of it's former self.

Great would be nice - I'll settle for pretty darn good...

For more construction news, we head back to Epcot and the World Showcase…

More of the sorta-new/sorta-refurbed Mexican restaurant is now exposed to the masses.

The dome is pretty... will the food match up? We can only hope...

Also in Mexico a new meet & greet area has been built for everyones favorite duck, the sometimes cranky Donald.

We now virtually venture  over to Germany… recently we saw some not-so-Disney goings on there (see Doings around the World Showcase) and wanted to be sure all was now right with the World…

There appears to still be some dancing going on in the gazebo of the German train layout, at least they’re now doing the vertical mambo instead of the horizontal version…

Back to the kitchen…

One Response to “More construction fun around the World!”

  1. gaylin Says:

    I am bringing a first timer to WDW in October and am going to have to explain all the construction walls all over the World . . . And really, she is so going to miss going on It’s a Small World, which will be closed for reno’s at the time.


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