The best Epcot souvenir EVER!

August 10, 2010

Now at one of the Happiest Places in my Happy Place, La Cava del Tequila in the World Showcase at Epcot, you can now get a great shot glass to share with friends and family! Okay, maybe not for the kids… you know how those kids like to Bogart your good tequila anyway…

Sadly, the Patron is extra... but of course I did have to be sure the shot glass worked properly...

Like many others, I’ve been lamenting the lack of park, resort, restaurant, etc specific merchandise… here’s at least one very specific (and useful!) piece!

I’ll drink to many more! Salud!

4 Responses to “The best Epcot souvenir EVER!”

  1. Lis Says:

    Those shot glasses work really well for pepto bismal too. I am just saying they are multi-purpose.


  2. Virginia Says:

    You sound like me when I find the best embroidery tool ever. LOL You still haven’t taken me for my first shot of tequila.


  3. Bonnie Says:

    I will pass on the shot, but that red “whatever it was called” drink was GOOD!I think we need a Harem meet there, LOL!


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