WDW Weekend Eats: The Harem Edition, Part 2

August 17, 2010

When we last left off on the First Harem Weekend at the World, we had just fortified ourselves for our long walk from the Studios to Epcot with wonderful margaritas made by my Favorite Blonde Czech Bartender Alena… (if for some strange reason, you missed Part 1, you can find it here).

When we made it to the World Showcase, as usual I found a Stella…


and a Princess…


Our dining event for the night was scheduled at Restaurant Marraakesh in Morocco.

We made our way to the back of the pavilion to the restaurant and soon were seated.

We ordered beverages (mine adult, of course) and I ordered an appetizer for the table.

The Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread soon arrived and we all dug in. Surrounded by tabouli and topped with a red pepper sauce, this was definitely a  tasty starter (assuming you like the tangy goat cheese, of course…).

Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread

We placed our entree orders, and in just a short time our meals arrived. On the table were Chicken Kabobs, Shish Kabobs (Beef), Couscous With Lamb Shank and Roasted Lamb Shank (they like lamb there…).

Chicken Kabobs

Shish Kabobs

Couscous With Lamb Shank

Roasted Lamb Shank

I sampled all, and each dish proved to be quite tasty and flavorful. I think some people are off-put by the idea of “Moroccan” food, thinking that the flavors and spices will be out of their comfort level… all the dishes are highly spiced (but not hot), and yes, many of the spices are used differently from what is familiar to many Western palates… things such as cinnamon, which most of us think of as a “sweet” spice, show up in savory dishes…

Yet I think if most people were simply presented with these dishes without a pre-conceived idea on what they might be getting, they would enjoy it…

Dinner was accompanied by live music, and most importantly, an (all-to-brief) show…

Yes boys and girls, there was a belly dancer… happy, happy, joy, joy!

Okay, yes this is Disney… so the dancer did bring up many of the young (and I mean young) ladies from the audience for a lesson in the ancient art of belly dancing…

yes, this was just about too damn cute… wish I’d taken video… get your collective minds out of the gutter…

Anyway, the food at Restaurant Marraakesh was very good, service was quick and friendly, and the cute show was a bonus… yes, the Harem and I all agreed we’d gladly return…

Next on the agenda was an Illuminations Dessert Party sponsored by the Great Mongello. We made our way to the viewing area by England and checked in.

The limited dessert options were good but pretty pedestrian – cookies, brownies, rice krispie squares, and the like.

But an unobstructed front row seat for Illuminations (perhaps my single favorite thing in the World – yes even over the Haunted Mansion, Stellas and La Cava del Tequila!) next to some wonderful friends was by far the best part of the weekend!

And on top of it all, to attend the event we had all made donations to the Dream Team Project – something to feel very good about!

That ended Saturday evening, but yes friends, there was food on Sunday too…

After a morning spent in the Magic Kingdom exploring the soon-to-be-gone Toontown, Miss Bonnie and I made our way to the Fountain in the Dolphin resort (and don’t get me started on how that thing on top ain’t even close to any type of dolphin!).

The Fountain restaurant is a modern version of well, the old-fashioned soda fountain (or a little hipper version of Beaches and Cream, sans the Kitchen Sink…).

"Build Your Favorite Burger"

Bonnie chose one of the huge hamburgers, while I sampled the Ahi Tuna Burger.

The burger was big and juicy – it looked delicious (but since someone didn’t actually offer me a bite, even though she couldn’t finish the whole thing, well…).

Ahi Tuna Burger

I can say the tuna was quite good – topped with a wasabi-flavored slaw… if anything the slaw was a bit too much and though really good it almost overwhelmed the tuna, I’d ask for it on the side next time or at least take a bit of it off…

And despite being called a “burger” (which makes me think of some ground product), this was a nicely cooked solid piece of rare tuna.

From this one visit, I’m eager to go back and try some of the other offerings, all of which sure sound good! Service was pleasant and attentive, and the decor and surroundings bright and fun…

So it was another wonderful weekend in the World, filled with good to great eats, and much more importantly great, great friends! Oh yeah, great margaritas too….

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