Epcot, you tease you…

August 30, 2010

Yes we know the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is on the way, and if you don’t know by now, it is my favorite time of the year, and no, I can’t wait!

So they have begun to put teases around the park, I’m sure it’s just to irritate me… so this is part of what I observed this past weekend…

The Epcot version of a “construction wall” for many of the areas that will be prepped for Food & Wine is mobile vegetation strategically placed around the World Showcase.

Just what wonderful will be hiding behind that wall of portable foliage?

They will be coming from far and wide to make this truly an International event… even a sleepy little burg in Germany must have heard of the event!

A lovely little town along the Romantic Road...

and they even have a cheese purveyor in town...

so why are these obviously gastronomically wise Germans advertising the "other" Epcot festival???

I made the somewhat dubious decision to wander into the Trade City event in Epcot, an almost overwhelming event donated to pin trading, Vinylmation and the like…

I was rewarded by a first-hand look at (at least some) of the Food & Wine Festival pins for this year,

as well as the pin for the inaugural Wine & Dine race.

Okay, now I’m hungry… and tired… off to the kitchen, then to bed… more soon…

One Response to “Epcot, you tease you…”

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