Always let them know…

January 19, 2011

This is probably old news to many of you, but if you’re going to be at Disney and you’re (legitimately) celebrating something such as a birthday or anniversary, be sure to let them know whenever you make a reservation of any sort, when you check into your resort or when you show up for a meal, and be sure to get and wear one of the appropriate buttons!

Stella celebrating someones birthday...

No one will guarantee that something “magical” will happen for sure, but at the very least castmembers (and likely some random strangers as well) will be giving you their well-wishes during your stay.

And if you’re lucky, some things like this may happen:

At dinner I got a “special” birthday menu (okay, it was just like everyone else’s menu except it said “Happy Birthday” and had a picture of Mickey on it…).

At dessert my cheesecake was adorned with a chocolate banner emblazoned with “Happy Birthday” and impaled with a candle.

There was also a little surprise delivered to my room at Kidani Village…

A chocolate boat filled with coconut and several truffles topped with (yet another) chocolate banner… also on the plate was fresh berries and grapes along with a nice card.

So don’t be shy when you’re celebrating at the World! Good things can happen!

3 Responses to “Always let them know…”

  1. Brad Says:

    I agree, I never really noticed that much difference between what I got during the “Celebrate You” campaign and previous years. Could be cost-cutitng, though. Will be interesting to see what the “extras” are like this year.


  2. Meghan Says:

    I totally agree – I went in October and wore a “Happy Birthday” button. It was awesome – I felt like a princess. I am tempted to never go again unless I can wear a button!


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