Margarita of the Month: January

February 2, 2011

Margarita of the Month: January

Like the coaster?

Okay, I guess technically it’s February… well, not even technically… but we’re gonna pretend it’s still January as far as Margarita of the Month goes… (anyway, give me a break, January was damn busy: Marathon weekend at Disney, a birthday weekend at Disney and attending a Disney wedding at, well, Disney…)

Here is another “Classic” version of our beloved margarita, this time from Southern Living magazine.


Classic Margarita (Southern Living)

3/4 Cup Tequila (we used silver)

1/2 Cup Powdered (Confectioners) Sugar

1/2 Cup Lime Juice

1/4 Cup Orange Liqueur (such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier)


Lime Wedge


Rub the rim of a glass (chilled preferred) with the lime wedge and dip in salt to coat (if desired, we like).

Stir the first four ingredients until the sugar is dissolved.

Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice and then pour about half the mixture in and shake like crazy until well chilled…  strain into a glass (or on the rocks if you prefer).

If you like, garnish with a slice of fresh lime.

Makes a couple of generous drinks for most normal people, or just the start of an evening for one reader of Eating (and Drinking) around the World…

This is a pretty good version, and not as sweet as one might think considering the powdered sugar… give it a try & let us know what you think!

Okay, now February can begin…

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