Movie Night with Rach…

February 21, 2011

Okay, let’s start with (one of my many) dirty little secrets… I actually like Rachael Ray…

I know some, maybe many, “serious” food people tend to look down on her (just ask Anthony Bourdain for a start – Google “anthony bourdain rachael ray” and check out his opinions if you dare…), but I do know at least a couple of people that have been encouraged by her to pick up a knife and turn on their oven when otherwise they relied on takeout and frozen foods for their primary sustenance… she deserves at least some credit for that if nothing else…

And yes, I even subscribe to her magazine ”Everyday with Rachael Ray”. I did start getting it just because the intro price was stupid cheap (something like a buck an issue) and was worth the risk for a year – I’ve actually really enjoyed it and found more than one recipe worth trying in each issue (and several have actually turned out pretty darn well).

And no, my opinion of her is not at all clouded by her being incredibly adorable – most red-blooded American males (and likely a significant percentage of females as well) would blow up a busload of nuns and orphans for the opportunity of spending a night with her – but yes, if she’s really that perky all the time you’d likely want to blow her up after a day or two…

Even I won't comment on this...

So let’s move on…

Dogs... why does it always have to b dogs...

The March 2011 issue of ”Everyday with Rachael Ray” features a short article I thought many of my Disney-obsessed Dedicated Readers (all five or so of you…) would find interesting: a “how-to” on Family Movie Night.

In the space of four pages author Besha Rodell gives some ideas on how to “turn the night into a special occasion”. The article is certainly geared towards families with younger kids, but for the certified Disney-nut it could provide inspiration for film-lovers of any age.

In the article are several meal/movie combo suggestions (including one full recipe themed to the Pixar film “Ratatouille”) – of the five films mentioned, three are Disney or Pixar flicks (and one noted non-Disney film is a real classic, “Duck Soup”, but if you can get your kids to watch the Marx Brothers in a black and white movie I really want to hear about that!).

Also there is a page of “surprising crowd-pleasers” including a section of lesser-known Disney films, the mention of a classic combo of Jim Henson genius and the musical god Bowie, and notes on a couple of Miyazaki films (please listen to my dear friends Those Darn Cats for an interesting discussion of this master of anime).

I’ll (sooner or later…) share my version of the recipe from this article – until then I’ll leave it to you to check out the mag for yourself if you so desire…

Back to the kitchen…

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