Now in bloom…

March 1, 2011

The Epcot Flower & Garden Festival opens this Wednesday for a two and a half month run.

Many of the plantings and topiaries were already in place this past weekend so I thought we’d tease you with a few pictures that Miss Bonnie and I took:

Floral Flags of the World Showcase countries

The gardens in Canada are always beautiful, but seem even more so during Flower & Garden…

Oh Canada!

For some reason there are cockatoos (which are native to Australia) in Mexico… okay, they are cool anyway…

Maybe they are here for the margaritas?

The Disney topiary department must have been working overtime this year – many old favorites are still here, but there are plenty of new ones as well:

Let's go fly a kite...

China's playful pandas


Also new in Germany was Rapunzel’s tower from “Tangled”:

Rapunzel lets her hair down

As we were there a castmember was lurking around in the foliage hooking up what appeared to be electrical wiring so it seems the tower will be illuminated from the inside which should look great in the evenings.

The tower area wasn’t really “flowery” or “gardeny” so unless they put in some character topiarys here this might wind up being a meet and greet area for the face characters from Tangled…

So there’s your quick tease for Flower & Garden… as usual there will be the weekend concerts (if you see a short, hairy and quite possibly inebriated guy singing along loudly and out of key to “I’m Henry the Eighth” when Peter Noone is there, be sure to say hello), the popular butterfly house (larger this year), presentations by gardening experts and new this year designers and HGTV celebs (including this coming weekend the comely Genevieve Gorder… grrr…) along with lots more…

The official Disney site with details is here, and of course All Ears has their preview as does the DIS.

See you among the flowers!

2 Responses to “Now in bloom…”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the preview – especially Canada and the pandas!

    – C.


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