A gift for a Princess…

March 6, 2011

With Mardi Gras just a couple of days away, I thought I share a few pictures from a meeting I had a while back with our New Orleans Princess, the lovely Tiana…

When the “Princess and the Frog” came to the big screen, I had avoided reading too many reviews before seeing it – of course I knew the basic parts of the story, and the twist on the usual tale with Tiana actually turning into a frog after laying a wet one on the froggie version of Naveen…

And yes, I did know it was based in the Big Easy, but until I was actually watching the flick I didn’t realize how much the plot revolved around food and cooking – the young Tiana’s dream is not for a Price to come and take her away, but to own her own restaurant and to make the people of New Orleans happy with her culinary creations (and honor the memory and dream of her beloved father at the same time). When the very young Tiana adds hot sauce to her dad’s gumbo I was hooked – very soon this determined, hard-working, independent,  spice-loving (and of course gorgeous) woman had become my new Favorite Princess!

So, one day I decided a gift of adoration was in order, and I brought Tiana a bottle her favorite hot sauce, Tabasco. You can now see what ensued…

Tiana told me she was so grateful as she was almost out of Tabasco and was getting ready to send Naveen out for more… hummm… maybe we can send him off for something else…

We finally got Naveen to leave...

Now I don’t know if bringing condiments to Princesses will always elicit a spontaneous hug, but I did think about taking Ariel some tartar sauce… I thought better of it…

Enjoy your Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

4 Responses to “A gift for a Princess…”

  1. sambycat Says:

    don’t tell alice!!!!! THOSE PICTURES ARE AWESOME!!!!


  2. sambycat Says:

    go ask alice – i think she’ll know….

    where exactly are those pics taken anyway? i think i see like adventureland roofs behind them and umbrellas on the left? it must be on one of the hub spoke areas past crystal palace?


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