Play with your food…

April 23, 2011

and now Disney makes it easy…

Your little ones (or I guess you) can now play with plastic versions of several in-park faves: the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Chocolate-topped Mickey-shaped Rice Krispie Treat, fries, popcorn and a soft drink (the last three in very generic containers)…

the hot dog features plastic-ketchup Hidden Mickeys…

And, of course, that Disney-food icon:

the Turkey Leg!

It’s a bit out of proportion (unless there is really a popular Chicken Leg treat out there in the parks is I’ve never seen…), but I guess for your 18-month-old everything else would have to be a bit small, otherwise it would take a weight-lifting toddler to hold up a more realistic sized Turkey Leg.

So now you can get your young-uns a plastic Turkey Leg to go along with their favorite piece of sartorial splendor…

the Turkey Leg Tee-Shirt!

Last year we introduced you to this fine piece of outerwear in the post “Some things were just not meant to adorn a tee-shirt…”, and now you have just one more piece of Disney merch featuring the gargantuan piece of poultry…  how long before we see the Turkey Leg Vinylmation???

5 Responses to “Play with your food…”

  1. fishyrocketboy Says:

    And I’m not even going to bring up how nutritious all these items are (at least the “real” versions) that we are encouraging the little ones to play with and want to eat…


  2. wdwmom Says:

    Aw come on….. kids need to be kids. It’s hard to image the fun in pretend soy chips, and plastic blueberries would just get stuck in unimaginable places. ;o)


  3. sambycat Says:

    do NOT tell trace about the vinylmation suggestion….


  4. […] (and Drinking) Around the World shows us how to play with our Disney food with new theme park snack and play sets. Finally a Mickey ice cream bar that will survive the trip […]


  5. Can this item be purchased on-line?


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