One potato, two potato…

May 11, 2011

French fries and bagged potato chips have long been staples of theme park cuisine, and just about any type of fast-food eatery for that matter, for about as long as most can remember.  This is true of course for Disney World as it has been for anyplace else.

Recently however, a couple of spud options have surfaced in the World…

A couple of places in the Magic Kingdom are now featuring freshly made potato chips… and they are dang tasty!

As we noted in April, they are available at the Tomorrowland Terrace (no longer known as the Noodle Station).  But as we found recently, they are also in Fantasyland at the Friar’s Nook (formerly known as the Village Fry Shoppe).

The menu here had gone under a change not long ago, and I went there to try a new entree that was served with the aforementioned chips…

the menu item in question was the Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets…

When ordered, the normal chicken nuggets are dunked in a teriyaki sauce, put in a serving bowl along with the chips, and topped with (of all things) fried wasabi peas (which I dearly love).

The nuggets are actually pretty good, and the serving size is generous – but like at Tomorrowland Terrace, the real star here is the potato chips (which are also on the menu as a side item).

This Asian-styled item seems sorta out of place in Fantasyland, but I’ll take a new, and good, dining option wherever I can find it…

Across the World in Animal Kingdom another  tuber was likewise a recent pleasant surprise…

After this year’s Expedition Everest Challenge race I was in search of sustenance and with much of The Harem in tow I made my way to one of the few dining establiments that was open: Restaurantosaurus.

I think the last time I was there was after the last Everest event (Flame Tree being my usual quick-service choice in AK). Now our good friend AJ of the Disney Food Blog loves this place (see her review here), and now I have a reason to like it as well…

Yes Dear Readers, we have Sweet Potato Fries…

In my attempt to be semi-healthy, I selected the “Vegetable Subosaurus” which happened to come with a side of the Sweet Potato Fries.

Vegetable Subosaurus

The sandwich was good (not sure if it was as good as the grilled veggie sandwich served at a couple of places in the Studios or not, but pretty dang good in any case…), but the real winner again was the side of sweet fried tubers. They don’t list them on the menu, but if you ask they’ll serve you a side order (for a not-too-bad price of $2.49).

These were good enough that I’d now make a point of going to Restaurantosaurus for a snack of these tasty starchy sticks next time I’m in Animal Kingdom.

Have you seen either of these items other places in the World? Or if you’ve tried these, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them…

6 Responses to “One potato, two potato…”

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  2. sewin2disney Says:

    I leave for WDW on Friday and had high hopes of trying the chips at the Friar’s Nook– but I had NO idea they sold teryaki chicken there as well– you just made my day! (and wasabi peas!! woo hoo!) Thanks!


  3. Bonnie Says:

    Loved the sweet potato fries! And the new chips too! Yeah Disney for adding these new items!


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