Get in line now…

June 6, 2011

In January it was officially announced that the highly successful Food & Wine Classic at the Swan and Dolphin Resort would be back for a second year.

This event highlights the restaurants at the Swan & Dolphin, and this year, like last, will take place the second weekend of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Here at Eating (and Drinking) around the World we did a couple of posts about the inaugural event and instead of repeating much of the info here (at my age I tend to repeat myself enough as it is…) we’ll just send you back to peruse them… part one (reviewing the drink seminars) is at Food & Wine Classic 2010… Classy and Classic it was… Part One, while the food and beverage tastings on the causeway are described in the cleverly named Part Two

Quietly, a couple of weeks ago the tickets and packages for the 2011 event went on sale, and as soon as I heard this, I was on the phone…

So what’s going to be different this year? Well, first of all is a (fully expected) price increase… the causeway tasting tickets are up $15 per night to $65, and do not include one of the seminars as they did last year. The seminars are now priced separately at $35 each, so for what cost you $50 last year, you’d have to spend $100.

There are also a couple of options this year on the packages. Packages (room and causeway tastings for two) start at $255. If you want to add the seminars for two the packages start at $329 at night. The 2010 event packages (with the seminars included) started at $169 a night.

Bottom line on cash is that the cost for this year’s event is twice last year’s… but too a person I spoke with, all agreed that it was such an incredible deal that there was no way it wasn’t going up this year… I think the first event was just a run-thru (or in essence a “soft-opening”) for later efforts. Will it be worth it? Well, time of course will tell, but that I signed up the day I heard reservations were being taken should tell you that I anticipate it being an even better event than last year.

When I was on the phone to the reservation person, I mentioned that last year they made a big deal about the opening time to make reservations last year (and when I got through after being on hold about a half an hour after it opened several of the seminars were already sold out) while it was a bit more subtle this year – she said that the event this year was going to be bigger and have more capacity and food booths, but she wasn’t able to provide more details or give specifics on how much “bigger” it would be this year.

So the advice from Eating (and drinking) Around the World? If you can make it, come on along… if they do at least as good a job as last year, it should be worth the price, and if they learned a bit (and they didn’t make too many mistakes last year) it should be better. The biggest concern I have is that with all the accolades they got on the Interwebs from last year’s efforts that it might become too crowded for comfort – hopefully there will be expanded booths that could absorb additional guests (and the higher cost may dissuade some as well…). I think the price increase for the causeway tastings should still be a deal at $65, as is the lower package price.

The biggest net increase is the cost for the beverage seminars. As much as I enjoyed the ones last year (again you can see the reviews here), I think $35 is pretty steep… that being said, I did sign up for them this year, taking the bullet for you, dear Dedicated Readers… so we’ll wind up seeing the value then.

If you’re not that excited about the offered seminars, pass on them (or if you’re buying a package for both nights and maybe only one floats your boat, buy them a la carte).

As more details come along, we’ll pass them on (or at least links to them)… we’re looking forward to the Food & Wine Classic for sure, and we hope to see you there as well! For sign-up details you can click here to go to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic (that’s mouthful, huh?) page.

Now back to the kitchen…

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