Riddle me this: a Princess quiz…

June 17, 2011

It was recently announced that Rapunzel, the doe-eyed long-tressed beauty from “Tangled” would this year become the 10th official Disney Princess.

Considering the long lines at the meet-and-greet for her at the Magic Kingdom (or it that more the moms wanting to meet Flynn Rider?), and the young girls you see walking around in long blonde wigs, it’s no surprise that she is being inducted as one of the Disney Royal Court. And on a personal note (and my few Dedicated Readers, do know that I am all about the Princesses…), I think the spunky star of what was a really good (perhaps not great) Disney film richly deserves the honor. Okay, what the hell, we all know I’m just a sucker for a cute young blonde…

So now here’s your quiz Dear Readers, can you (without help, no Google please) name all the 10 official Princesses? Give it a shot – even many dedicated Disney fans have a tough time with a couple of them – if you’re really good, list them in chronological order of film debut (I’d say bonus points for this, but since this quiz is for fun, there will be no points awarded… and of course, no wagering please). Any yes, we’ve given you one of the 10 already…

Here’s the link to the Disney Parks Blog post on the announcement with further details – this does give you the answer to who all the Princesses are, so no peeking!

4 Responses to “Riddle me this: a Princess quiz…”

  1. sambycat Says:

    oh god.
    1) snow white
    2) cinderella
    3) aurora
    4) ariel
    5) jasmine
    6) mulan (princess?)
    7) mmmmmm ????
    8) giselle
    9) tiana
    10) rapunzel

    it’s going to be someone weird isn’t it? like penny or a cat or alic in wonderland….


  2. sambycat Says:

    poor belle 😦

    so they left out giselle and i’ve blotted pocohontas from my mind


  3. JaxRed Says:

    •Snow White, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
    •Cinderella, from Cinderella (1950)
    •Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty (1959)
    •Ariel, from The Little Mermaid (1989)
    •Belle, from Beauty and the Beast (1991)
    •Jasmine, from Aladdin (1992)
    •Pocahontas, from Pocahontas (1995)
    •Mulan, from Mulan (1998)
    •Tiana, from The Princess and The Frog (2009)

    Although they are included in the Disney Princess franchise, Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana are not princesses by birth. They became princesses through marrying princes. There is also some controversy about Pocahontas and Mulan being included in the Princess list. Pocahontas is the chief’s daughter, but Native American tribes differ from tradition European royalty. Mulan is not royal by birth and marries a general, not a prince.


  4. Sockmonkey Says:

    Snow White
    Mulan( idk why though doesn’t she marry a general???)
    And i would include Rapunzel-she was part of the original line up- but they took her out so now there r only 9 princesses.


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