Margarita of the Month: August

August 22, 2011

Margarita of the Month: August

This coming week marks the second anniversary of the Happiest Place in the Happiest Place on Earth: La Cava del Tequila.

So unless you’re just really new around here, you’re well aware of our affection for La Cava – the tequila bar in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot…

Not too long ago, the Facebook page for La Cava featured a drink recipe that sounded quite tasty: a Key Lime Pie Margarita.

In the multitudes of visits we at Eating (and Drinking) Around the World have made there, we’ve never actually seen this libation actually offered there, but that didn’t deter us from giving the recipe a shot… or two…

So now, let’s make, and drink, some sweet, tasty, ‘ritas!

Key Lime Pie Margaruta

4 oz Tequila

4 oz Key Lime Juice (you’ll likely have to use a bottled product unless you’re real lucky – look for Nellie & Joe’s brand)

4 oz Lime Juice (fresh preferred, of course)

4 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk (the stuff in the can)

1-2 Graham Crackers

1 Tbl Sugar (1 Tbl per Graham Cracker)

First crush the Graham Crackers into a fine crumb and mix with the sugar.

Use a slice of lime to wet the rim of your glasses and dip into the cracker/sugar mixture to rim the glass.

In a drink shaker, combine the rest of the ingredients with some ice and shake your little heart out until well mixed. Strain the mixture into the rimmed glass (over more ice if desired) and stick a slice of line on the rim for a lovely garnish… now drink the darn thing…

This is a sweet, thick, desserty-tasting beverage (as you might suspect from the name of the darn thing…) – Miss Bonnie and her BFF Laura gave it two thumbs up, and suggest dipping extra Graham Crackers in the drink as you imbibe… I can’t argue…

The recipe makes about 2 drinks – depending on if you have a normal-sized glass, or an Eating (and Drinking) Around the World sized one…

Back to the bar…

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