Let’s Cook! Pineapple Chutney

August 25, 2011

Fruity, a bit spicy, a bit sweet… a tasty, versatile condiment… sounds good, huh?

Again (like the Polynesian Pulled Pork recipe), here at the Eating (and Drinking) Around the World Kitchens, we’ve been inspired by the inclusion of Hawaii at this year’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

And when you think of Hawaii, you think of surfing, ukuleles, Don Ho and Jack Lord (if you are of a certain age), and of course, pineapple.

I perused several recipes, and came up with the version below (the main inspiration came from a Food Network recipe credited to  one Cheryl Smith). And, if I do say so myself, it came out pretty Dang Tasty.

So without any further ado (or blatant attempts to pad the word count of this post), let’s cook!

Pineapple Chutney


The line-up...

1  Fresh Pineapple (peeled and cored), diced into about 1/4″ pieces

1  Medium Sweet Onion, diced

2  Tbl Fresh Ginger, peeled and finely minced

6  Fresh Jalapeno Peppers, diced (seeded if you want a slightly milder heat)

1  Tbl Ground Cumin

1/2  Cup Dark Rum (you thought we’d have a recipe without alcohol?)

1/3  Cup (give or take) Raisins (soaked in the rum)

1/2  Cup Fresh Lime Juice

1/2  Cup Sugar (you could use part brown sugar if you dare)

1/4  Cup Cilantro, chopped

1 Tbl  Oil (Peanut or Canola)

Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat the oil over medium heat in a saucepan. Add the onions, ginger, peppers and cumin and saute until beginning to soften and aromatic – about 5 – 10 minutes.

Add the rum and raisins and cook down until most of the liquid has evaporated.

Add the pineapple, lime juice and sugar. Simmer over medium-low heat until the pineapple is a bit softened, but not mushy (maybe 15 – 30 minutes or thereabouts).

Remove from the heat and add the cilantro. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Cool and serve, or (preferable) refrigerate overnight (taste again and re-season if needed). This should keep for several days in the ‘fridge (just don’t ask me how long for sure…).

The finished product...

So what do you do with this tangy goodness? Try it alongside a simple grilled chicken or fish. As a condiment to most any type of pig it’s a natural. You can certainly slather it on a sandwich…

Mistress Sandra used it as an accompaniment to some sharp Cheddar Cheese… yeah, baby!

Like the Polynesian-Style Pulled Pork, we’d like you to keep this recipe handy – we’re going to use it again soon…

Back to the kitchen – see you soon!

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