Food & Wine Festival Preview Day Photo Gallery

September 30, 2011

I had the opportunity again this year to attend the soft-opening day of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (they call it a “Castmember Preview”, but anyone can attend… thank goodness!) and thought I’d share a few pictures…

Entrance decoration

Hummm... will there be beer?

Cranberry Bog

Yes, there will be beer!

New Hawaii Booth

Hawaii Menu - this location is going to be very popular

New utensil dispensers at all the kiosks

Looks like there is a party going on...

I'll take that size glass please!

The new Caribbean booth

Caribbean Menu

The new Scandinavia booth

Scandinavia Menu

The Taste of Scandanavia... let's say it was "interesting"...

Korean Adult Beverages

Let's play "Name That Korean Adult Beverage"!

Germany and the Brewer's Collection are now adjacent with a seating area in between the two

Epcot Executive Chef Jens Dahlmann (once again) hands me the first food served from the Food & Wine kiosks!

Thanks Chef Jens!

Goulash Soup and Nuernberger Sausage (and yes, that bite was tasty!) from Germany

And now the Cheese booth is just "Cheese"

Cheese kiosk Menu

A very nice Artisan Cheese Selection

The train layout in Germany one again has it's own Food & Wine booths...

and this year it even has it's own Cranberry Bog!

Merchandise booths were already open...

with some nice looking goods this year.

The back of one of the better shirts

Chef Duffy

A tasty dish new this year in South Korea: Boolgogi with Rice and Kimchi

The choices in Mexico were good, especially the Ribeye Taco

Mexico Menu

The always popular Lamb Chop from the Australia kiosk features a new side this year: Potato-Goat Cheese Salad

The returning Portugal has some interesting, and good, items on the menu

Calamari Salad

Linguica Sausage

Sadly, the day had to come to an end... but it's just the beginning of this year's Food & Wine Festival!

I had a great day: ate some good food, had a few adult beverages, and got a sneak-peek at the 2011 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival… but best of all was I got to share it with some good friends, and had the great fortune of spending most of the day with my “La Cava Drinking Buddy”, AJ of the Disney Food Blog – thanks for your companionship and generosity my friend!

Well, there will be lots more to come from Food & Wine… stay tuned!

4 Responses to “Food & Wine Festival Preview Day Photo Gallery”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Is the cheese plate pictured the one from Sweet Grass Dairy? I hope so because it looks like it includes their award-winning Green Hill cheese…my favorite! Can’t wait to get down there & support my local dairy next weekend…as well as try out all the other new booth offerings.


    • fishyrocketboy Says:

      Good eye Lindsay! 😉
      One of them is from Sweet Grass Dairy… I added the pic of the Cheese Menu so you can see what all the selections are.


  2. Ryan Says:

    That’s some great looking food! However, I think the back of that shirt is an amazing idea!!


  3. sambycat Says:

    that train situation is the best thing EVAH!!


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