Why do they leave us so soon?

October 6, 2011

The people that make us happy, the visionaries, the ones that truly make the world a better place… so many seem to leave us so early, with so much left to give…

Walt Disney, John Lennon, Jim Henson, and now, Steve Jobs.

I know this is usually a blog about more light-hearted topics, but if you’re reading this, Steve changed your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re “Mac or PC”, Steve changed your life. Even if you’ve never owned an Apple product, Steve changed your life… for the better.

I guess I’ve been an Apple fan-boy for a long time… my first computer was an LC II (one of the old “pizza-boxes”, and my brother almost disowned me for buying a Mac…). Hell, I bought Apple stock at $18 dollars a share when everyone was saying they were going out of business (if only I’d bought a lot more shares at the time!). Yes Steve (and Woz too), you changed my life…

For the Disney fan, Jobs was not just a “computer-guy” – he was also the CEO of Pixar, and sat on the Disney Board of Directors – in his own way I think he was very much like Walt…

I’m sure many will wax much more eloquently than I about Steve, his life, and his passing, but this has affected more than I would have thought and I needed to share my emotion with those of you that are my few Dedicated Readers… I had planned tonight to put up a post on Food & Wine, and as important as that is to me, this takes precedence… there are true tears on my keyboard tonight… a keyboard that most likely wouldn’t be here had it not been for the life of Steve Jobs…

Thank you Steve, my world is a better place because you were in it.

All my sympathies go out to the Jobs family, their friends, and all of you who may be feeling as I do at this time.

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