Magic Kingdom Odds & Ends

December 14, 2011

A recent visit to the Magic Kingdom uncovered some interesting tidbits, including a few celebrity sightings and of course, several food-related items… so let’s take a look shall we?

The Confectionery on Main Street is, not surprisingly, filled with holiday-inspired goodies.

In addition to the holiday sweets, the infamous Turkey Leg makes an appearance in Rice Krispie Treat form.

Turkey Leg Rice Krispie Treat

Just down the way in the Main Street Gallery is a slew of new railroad themed merchandise, all of it looks to be very nice, so if you’re a train-nut, be sure to check these items out.

I really liked these (there is one for Land and one for World), printed on heavy wooden slats.

We were there on one of the days of the Christmas parade taping (yes kids, sorry to burst your bubble, but the Christmas Day parade is taped ahead of time…).

Cameras, lights and so forth were in place around Main Street to tape the musical acts (a big name that day… we’ll see more on that shortly…), the host bits (the boyishly handsome Mario Lopez replaced Kelly and the recently retired Regis this year), and the parade itself (and we have a few interesting bits for that to show you later as well).

Before eyeing some of the TV taping, we took advantage of the sparse crowds away from Main Street to take one last spin on Dumbo before it gets moved to it’s new home in the Storybook Circus section of the Fantasyland expansion.

The flying-elephant-eye-view provided Miss Bonnie and I with a few peeks over the construction walls where the massive Fantasyland expansion project is going on.

Sitting along the aforementioned construction wall is the fancy-dancy popcorn cart that was unveiled several months ago.

Recently added was a sign telling us that this unique popcorn-making-machine is yet another creation of Belle’s inventor father, the clever Maurice.

We took up a location behind the castle stage to get a view of the goings on. There had been much chatter around the park as to who the main musical guest was to be that day…

Santa Goofy showed up, but he wasn’t the name that was being uttered… crowds were gathering…

even one of the step-sisters was taken in by the excitement…

things were at, well, a fever-pitch… yes… Beiber-Fever was rampant at the Magic Kingdom!

Bieber's Back!

Mega-pre-teen idol Justin Beiber was awaiting his performance, and the (mostly) young ladies around us were screaming like, well, little girls… especially when the Beiber would turn around.

He must be waving just at me!

Apparently the Beiber-Fever causes strange marking to appear on parts of young ladies appendages…

I'd see a doctor about that rash...

Also in attendance on the forecourt stage was Jaden Smith, the offspring of Will.

Jaden Smith taking a picture of me taking a picture of him... wow... trippy...

We tore ourselves away from that excitement for a much more important issue… trying new food!

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments recently added waffle sandwiches to the menu, so we just had to try them… we’ll always take the bullet for you, dear Dedicated Readers!

We tried the Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle offerings…

Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwiches

The waffles are big and freshly-made.The Nutella version was a big hit with Miss Bonnie – a generous amount of the hazelnut spread was topped with seasonal fresh fruit. This could easily serve as a breakfast or dessert item.

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

The “spicy” chicken version was a bit on the bland side, but has potential…

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

The chicken is a big, juicy piece, and the peppery greens are a nice touch, but the sauce defiantly needs a bit more bite (and I’ve had several people agree with me, not all of them being chilie-heads…) – so for the time being, bring along a bottle of hot sauce or your handy stash of ghost pepper salt…

During breakfast hours they are also currently offering an Omelet Waffle Sandwich (as well as some holiday special items all day).

These sandwiches are a nice addition (even if some of the seasonings need to be tweaked a bit), and are a pretty good value – the waffles are big and the toppings generous.

We moved on to explore Adventureland and Frontierland, checking out some of the locations in place for the upcoming Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive game.

SMK location near Pirates

SMK location near Frontierland Shooting Gallery

Closer view of SMK location near Frontierland Shooting Gallery

While in Frontierland we noticed that the Golden Horseshoe was open for dining during lunch hours… and it wasn’t just regular dining…

it was fancy dining!

Ohhh... fancy...

Castmembers at the Golden Horseshoe fighting off the massive lunch rush...

We then observed some of the filming of the Christmas day parade. Mario Lopez did the hosting duties on the stage set up near the train station.

Mario emerging from a visit to the men's room near City Hall.

Not sure what the sword is for... maybe to fend off the camera-toting stalkers outside the bathroom...

Up near the hub, we watched a few of the floats emerge for the parade taping.

Tow Mater and Lightening McQueen from the Cars franchise were accompanied by several young ladies in “Rust-Eze” garb.

Their outfits featured nicely embroidered logos on the caps and back.

Something's not just quite right about that logo...

Following the autos was the Pirates float.

The alluring Angelica

Accompanying the float were several not-so-sober pirates and some comely wenches who displaying quite a bit more cleavage than you’d expect to see in the Magic Kindom (not that I’m complaining, mind you).

Best parade ever!

Now I think I need some alone time, so we’ll end our visit to the Magic Kingdom here… see you soon!

One Response to “Magic Kingdom Odds & Ends”

  1. sambycat Says:

    1) we tried the waffle items at sleepy hollow. potential, but a mis-step in my opinion. i kinda liked the bite of trace’s chicken and waffles, and i do love me some nutella, but neither of the waffles were warm. it seemed like the lines there would go from 20 people to no people in cycles and i can see how there is a need to make things quickly but the CMs called out for the waffles and by the time we picked them up (maybe 5 minutes – if that) we were handed our items and the waffles were cold to the touch. mine was actually cold in the middle like it was refrigerated or something, so i guess the calling out for a waffle means nuking one out of the fridge? too bad because (like most things) they are somewhat pricey but potentially a cool, different park food item. trace’s chicken was hot and thats a pre-fab type item and they could be a bit more liberal with the greens on it. and nutella is like pure fat so if you put it next to a candle it practically turns completely liquid, and mine remained more of a shmear. they would totally be items to blow the calories on for future park visits if i could get a fresh waffle.

    2)it ain’t fancy if there ain’t alky-hol

    3) we saw someone i guess testing the “SMK” or whatever sites. very cool – mid ship detective agency cool.


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