Drinking around the World just keeps getting better…

January 23, 2012

Dedicated Readers (and some of you not-so-dedicated) are well aware that the consumption of Adult Beverages while traversing Epcot’s World Showcase is a very popular activity known as “Drinking Around the World” – well the beverage options there (happily) keep increasing! Let’s take a quick look at a new drinking establishment, some changes to an existing one, and one coming up…

Back in August of last year we gave you the skinny on the up-coming changes to the landscape of the Japan pavilion.  As the Yakitori House and the surrounding area was being converted into Katsura Gardens, the kiosks below were also undergoing a change.

Katsura Gardens area during rehab

The small gift shop on the walkway that featured trinkets and some snack food items (shown in the photo above still open during the construction) was converted into something much more appealing, a sake bar!

A nighttime shot of the same area after the re-opening

Now known as the Garden House, this small venue features several sakes, beer, plum wine and a variety of sake cocktails. The Partial Harem and I made our first visit here slightly after hours…

the doors were closed, but that didn’t prevent the ladies from beating on the glass trying to gain admission…

Sadly we had to wait until another day to sample the offerings there, but the wait just furthered our anticipation of the tastes to come…

Garden House Menu

We were mostly looking forward to trying the sake cocktails, and (strictly for research purposes for you, dear readers) we made the most of our chances to try them…

The friendly staff was glad to make their recommendations…

and our drinks were made to order…

Most of the sake cocktails are fruit-flavored – some of them (like the pineapple) are a bit creamy, while others are, well, not…

Over the next few days, most of the flavors were sampled, and the lime and pineapple were the favorites of the Harem.

Many people may be leery of these due to the inclusion of sake as the alcohol of choice… but these flavors have nothing to do with the cheep, hot sake many Americans seem to know. These cocktails are quite tasty and will be quite refreshing on those hot summer days in Florida. Once the word gets out I expect this to be one busy little place!

And speaking of busy places…

the outdoor margarita bar in the Mexico area of Epcot has long been supplying sweaty guests with acceptable, (mostly) frozen versions of the tequila-based libation… but of course the past couple of years has provided Epcot visitors with a much better option…

the glorious wonderfulness that is La Cava del Tequila!

Well, wonder of wonders, it was announced recently on their Twitter account (@cavadeltequila) that La Cava would be taking over the outside bar… I’m not sure when the change will come, but look forward to some better beverages now outside the pyramid!

And for the latest news about more adult beverage opportunities at Epcot we move over to Italy…

It was revealed that in April the Gusto Wine Bar will open it doors as part of the rehab to Tutto Italia. According to our good friend AJ at the Disney Food Blog, “The look and feel will be reminiscent of an ancient Italian wine cellar, complete with stone walls and floors and exposed brick arches throughout. The space will feel as though it’s underground, with a dark atmosphere, wooden furniture, and wine barrels supporting the bar counter!” Gee… sounds a lot like some other place in Epcot, now doesn’t it??? Can you say La Cava? I knew you could…  If they do half as good a job in Italy as they did in Mexico, the inner oenophile in all of us should be very, very happy…

For a more detail on the forthcoming Gusto, head over to the post at the Disney Food Blog.

So there you have it kids… drink up!

Back to the kitchen… and of course, the bar!

5 Responses to “Drinking around the World just keeps getting better…”

  1. V Says:

    It’s getting more and more obvious that Disney is realizing EXACTLY what we love about World Showcase: DRINKING!


  2. Jeff W Says:

    A Sake slushy wrapped up a partial around the tour during my January trip. It was a nice option compared to straight Sake. My last trip began at La Cava and came to an abrupt end in Morocco as the cast member closed down his stand right as Illuminations began. Like the idea of La Cava taking over the outdoor stand. This “may” help with how crowed it is inside the popular cantina. I shall return to finish my world tour in March.


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