Thanks for the heads up…

March 30, 2012

Recently Miss Bonnie and I checked out the first part of the massive Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom to open – the Storybook Circus – or at least the first part of that part to open…

I’m not going to try and give you a complete rundown or photo essay of our visits (once during the day and once at night), but just a few quick notes. Anyway the bit that’s opened is already all over the web, so if you’re behind the curve, take a look at the initial coverage by our friends at AllEars and the DIS.

At this time, all that is open is the newest (of the soon to be dueling duo) Dumbo ride, the re-themed Barnstormer roller coaster and the Fantasyland train station (and associated restroom facilities).

The new Dumbo is colorful, and with it’s new water features around the base is especially appealing after dark (the Orlando Theme Park News blog and Inside the Magic both have nice videos online).

Several posters around the area show Goofy’s many  exploits as the daredevil The Great Goofini: from being shot out of a cannon, to entering the squared circle with a huge Ursidae, to strapping a saddle onto a rocket…

Being the Rocket Boy that I am, it should go without saying that I loved the still-smoking remnants of Goofy’s ill-fated rocket ride in the Barnstormer queue…

More than one of my launches have ended this way...

But the best themed area is the train station (paying homage to Walt’s Carolwood Pacific backyard train)…

and the nearby restrooms themed to the Casey Jr. Circus Train.

While we were there, I felt the need to visit the restroom facilities – and inside I noticed this sign:

Now I’ve seen such notices around neighborhoods where non-potable water is used for sprinklers and so forth, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a men’s room… and especially where it was placed:

So thanks Disney-Legal! Yes, I was thirsty, and if I hadn’t been warned I would have seriously considered going in for a quick watery respite… phewww… potential non-potable catastrophe averted!

We now await further openings in the Fantasyland area, and hopefully even more interesting signage!

Now back to the kitchen – see you soon!

2 Responses to “Thanks for the heads up…”

  1. Virginia R Says:

    We checked out this area on Tuesday. Someone already mentioned that there is a definite lack of shade for the Great Goofini attraction. It was warm on Tuesday and I consider myself more acclimatized to Florida than my Minnesota relatives. I don’t even want to venture a guess how uncomfortable this cue will be when May, June, July and August roll in.


  2. […] Back in March we shared some, well, interesting signage in the new bathroom area (you can now pause and go read, or re-read, Thanks for the heads up…). […]


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