Whine no more…

April 9, 2012

for in Epcot there will soon be more wine than you can shake a stick at… an Italian bread stick that is…

In a post about a month ago we took a look over the construction walls in Italy at the refurb of Tutto Italia…

This past week on the official Disney Parks Blog, Pam Brandon gave us an initial look at what the outside of the restaurant will look like…

The new look of Tutto Italia Ristorante and the Tutto Gusto wine bar

more importantly, she gives the lowdown on what we can look forward to in the new Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar – over 200 Italian wines (yes!), a few interesting beers and Grappas make up the adult beverage component of the new location.

Food looks like it will be far from ignored, with over two dozen small plate items scheduled to be on the initial menu. This will be a must-try location after it’s scheduled opening next month!

For the full preview check out the post at the Disney Parks Blog.

This news has gotten me thirsty… now just where is that corkscrew???

2 Responses to “Whine no more…”

  1. sambycat Says:

    so from now on i will just text you in cava from here? *hic*


  2. […] Eating (and Drinking) Around the World displays construction photos of the Tutto Italia renovation. […]


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