WDW Weekend Eats… and Drinks… Harem Edition

May 3, 2012

For the first time in (way too) many months, the Core Harem (Miss Bonnie, Mistress Sandra and Mamma Ginny, with the supposed Harem Leader, yours truly in tow) gathered in DisneyWorld for a weekend of fun, and of course, food and drinks (or maybe that should be drinks and food?).

So let’s take a quick photo tour of the weekends eats & drinks…

Along with “Unofficial-Harem-Member” Stella (Artois, that is), on Friday afternoon I saluted World Showcase to begin the festivities… for moi at least…

We officially started Harem Weekend in Epcot (shocked?) on Friday evening by doing the Wine Walk – you get to sample two small glasses (2 ounce pours) of wine in each of three countries – it’s a fun way to explore World Showcase… and have a few beverages at the same time…

We started in France and got a description of the wines we were to savor… I think Miss Bonnie and Momma Ginny were a bit mesmerized by the young gentleman’s accent to pay much attention to what he was actually saying about the wines…

We stopped by Katsura Grill in Japan for something to ease the soon-to-be-rumblings in our respective tummies…

I chose one of my new favorites….

Okonomi Yaki

the Japanese veggie pancake, Okonomi Yaki.

Afterwards we stopped by the theater in the US to listen to Chuck Negron, “formerly of Three Dog Night” (I’m sure there is some lawyer phraseology in the way that was stated)… he sang many of the bands favorites (“Shambala”, “Joy to the World”), and yes, dear Dedicated Readers, I do remember the songs from their original, vinyl versions…

Chuck Negron

I noted to my companions that I didn’t think he sounded too great, but when he admitted during the set that he was two months away from his 70th birthday, I was then quite impressed with how well he sounded and his on-stage vigor!

Now back to the consumables…

We moved on to Italy for our next round of the Wine Walk.

With little time now before Illuminations (and the park closing), we sucked these two glasses down and headed to the wine counter in Germany.

Overall, the choices here were our favorites… and the severs gladly gave their recommendation for a wine to try on our next visit…

We closed out the evening with Illuminations,

and made our way back to our resort to ponder what enticing edibles we would find on Saturday.

Excited by the view of the soon-to-open Gusto Wine Cellar, Miss Bonnie, Momma Ginny and yours truly chose Italian for lunch and walked into Via Napoli with very little wait for an outside table.

A nice La Rossa beer in a Moretti mug

We started with some salad…

“Family Style” House Salad

the “Family Style” House Salad is for a minimum of two guests (at a cost of $6.00 per person), and with some nice olives, marinated mushrooms and the like hiding in with the lettuce and red wine vinaigrette, it was quite good, and a good value (especially for Disney).

We also had the Insalato del Contadino…

Insalato del Contadino

greens with tomatoes, cucumber, fennel, green beans, vinaigrette and a big slice of quite good Parmesan.

Some nice bread and a more-than-decent olive oil for dipping came at the same time.

After the greens, the three of us shared a pizza…

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

an individual pizza…

The big thing to know about Via Napoli is this: the food is great, but the portions are huge… and as a result it has the rap of being overly expensive…

The “individual” pies can generously serve two normal people (especially if you start with an app or salad), and we even shared one between the three of us after a filling salad and weren’t hungry… be advised…

After a break at our room to greet Mistress Sandra and add her to the party, we headed back to Epcot and each had a glass of the previously recommended Riesling in Germany…

Diva Riesling in Germany

After another stop at Katsura Grill for Sandra to sample an Okonomi Yaki for herself, I had to make a stop at the Garden House to try another of their sake cocktails.

This time I tried the Green Tea version…

Green Tea Sake Cocktail

I won’t say it was exactly horrible, but next time I’ll stick to the very tasty lime…

After saving a couple of countries from evil with the help of Kim Possible (before she gives way to Agent P), we made our way to the UK for dinner at the Rose and Crown.

Cheers. Jen!

We ordered beverages and made a toast to Mamma Ginny’s offspring as she begins a new phase in her Castmember life in, well, the United Kingdom (the “real” one that is…).

We ordered the cheese selection for the table to share (even though it’s difficult to get Miss Bonnie to share cheese…), and we found them all to our liking.

Trio of United Kingdom Cheeses – the Cotswold on the left was our favorite of the three

For our entrees, Mamma Ginny and Mistress Sandra both chose the Sirloin…

Beef Sirloin Steak with seasonal vegetables, fried onion rings, Cashel blue cheese butter, red wine sauce and Stilton cheese

Miss Bonnie selected the combo of the Scallop appetizer and a side of Cauliflower and Cheese Gratin as her main…

Cauliflower and Cheese Gratin on the left, Roasted Sea Scallops with wilted baby spinach, tomato and olive vinaigrette on the right

The cauliflower dish was very garlicky (which I’m not opposed to…), and I think was my favorite item on the table that evening.

Cauliflower and Cheese Gratin

I had the Pork Duo… multiple pig options is always a good gamble in my book…

Pork Duo – on the left is the grilled brisket with mushroom ragout and to the right is braised pork with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce

this was a tasty choice of porky goodness… Bonnie liked her sample of the braised pork… the grilled brisket was a bit drier than I’d like, but the mushroom sauce was delicious…

We all enjoyed our meals, and I’m sure we’ll eventually make a return visit to the Rose & Crown Dining Room. For Disney in-park eats, this is a very reasonably priced sit-down – most entrees were in the mid-to high teens, with the most expensive item (the sirloin) topping out at $22.99. The venue is fun, and just listening to the server’s accents is worth the visit alone (I’m a sucker for a UK accent)!

After dinner was yet another viewing of Illuminations….

probably my favorite single thing in the World…

Sunday found Miss Bonnie and I on our own, and we made the walk from the Beach Club resort over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a while and a quick lunch before the weekend was over…

We both were in the mood for the grilled veggie sandwich that is actually served at a couple of places in the park, so we made our way to the Backlot Express near Star Tours.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

At this location, it’s served with either a side of fries (and sadly not the sweet potato fries like at Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom) or baby carrots… one of us chose the uber-healty carrot option, while the other took the much less healthy fried spud route… I’m not going to name names…

After a fun ride on Star Tours, and a surprise of some fast-pass tickets to Toy Story courtesy of a chance meeting with a good friend, we sadly called an end to our weekend, and Eating and Drinking Around the World… for now at least…

We’ll be back soon for more Disney-eating adventures… here’s hoping you enjoyed tagging along for this trip…

Now back to the kitchen – and very soon back to the World! See you soon!

7 Responses to “WDW Weekend Eats… and Drinks… Harem Edition”

  1. Virginia R Says:

    Great summary of the weekend. I find I’m hungry after reading all our great choices for the weekend. We need to combine the German Riesling with the Cotswald cheese.


  2. Bonnie Says:

    I agree, great summary Andy! I say that we need to do the wine flight in Germany next time. Maybe with something from the Kuche to go with it!


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  5. Meghan Says:

    Where can you go to get a “Wine Passport?” This looks so fun – will definitely have to do it when I am there in October!!


    • fishyrocketboy Says:

      You can get/start at any of the three countries that have wine stores – France, Italy or Germany. They all also have wine flights…


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