Is it too early???

June 9, 2012

To start thinking about this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival?

Well, considering I dreamed about it last night, I guess not… okay, I start thinking about the next year’s event the second one is over… okay, I really start thinking about the next event while one is going on… so I guess it’s never too early…

And since Disney started releasing some official info in the past couple of weeks, I figured we better start our countdown…  111 days at the time of this writing…

The 17th annual festival will officially open on September 28 of 2012 and run a record (by one day I believe) 46 six days (yea!) through the 12th of November.

Some notable news about the upcoming event are the inclusion of an all-Vegan marketplace (the TERRA Marketplace) as well as a kiosk featuring the regional foodstuffs of Epcot’s home state of Florida.

On Wednesdays  you can wander the World Showcase with the festival chefs and learn the inside scoop on the foods (and beverages!) of several of the featured marketplaces.

Pam Brandon (who has to have what appears to be one of the best jobs on the planet!) has the official preview (with some savory pics) in a post over at the Disney Parks Blog, so click on that link and check it out!

Let the countdown continue!

2 Responses to “Is it too early???”

  1. Reblogged this on Mouse Ear Momma and commented:
    I love eating at WDW…what could be better than the food and wine festival?


  2. […] Food & Wine Festival already running through my mind (yes, I’m already counting down, see Is it too early? if you don’t believe me…), I decided to finally try a recipe we saw demoed at last […]


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