Publix Pubs

July 1, 2012

If you happen to reside (or have spent any significant amount of time) in Florida or Georgia, or a few other Southeastern states, you’re probably familiar with the Publix grocery chain.

Publix is a home-grown and very popular business in Florida – they have incredibly loyal fans – including yours truly – much of my weekly income gladly goes into their coffers (and as a local/regional business much of that money stays in the community).

One of the great things they do is to produce several quarterly publications that have lots of recipes and food tips.

FamilyStyle Magazine covers kid-friendly foods and family issues, while Greenwise Market emphasizes healthy and natural foods and products.

The Publix Grape Magazine (as you might surmise) covers the world of wine and food, and normally has quite a few really good recipes and info on wine varieties and brands.

The publications are available in the stores, as well as free by mail. The Publix website doesn’t mention any limitations as to who they will send the mags to, and I can’t guarantee they will provide them to anyone outside their normal store area, but it’s certainly worth a try, and I think the publications are well worth checking out, especially the Grape (subtitled “Everyday Pleasures of Food and Wine”)… to sign up for mail delivery of the Publix magazines, go to the Publix Clubs & Programs web page.

Now, for the Disney-philes in the audience, let’s take a closer look at the cover of the current (Summer 2012) issue of the Publix Grape Magazine pictured above…

So would a Florida-based company put a Hidden Mickey on the cover of one of it’s magazines??? Wonder what the good Dr. Barrett would say about this one???

Back to the kitchen… we’ll see you again soon!

One Response to “Publix Pubs”

  1. Bill Dauphin Says:

    Rarely am I “homesick” for Florida, but I surely do miss Publix!


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