Go for the Gusto!

August 1, 2012

And check out the new menu at the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Epcot’s World Showcase!

Only open for three months, this cozy venue next the Tutto Italia restaurant in the Italy pavilion is already refining it’s bill of fare.

Recently Miss Bonnie and I had lunch there, and during conversation with our server he mentioned that the menu would soon be changing (and of course that we should re-visit soon the see said changes). And that in fact those changes (as we noted in “Even more to wine about around Epcot…“) would be coming the next day.

As we continued our conversation, he pulled out a couple of sets of folded and highlighted papers that he had been provided with to familiarize himself with the upcoming changes. Of course I not-so-discreetly asked him if there happened to be extra copies of same that I might take with me… unfortulnately he said no, but I was able to snap some photos of them and now we can give you a preview of the changes.

The biggest change is the addition of several wine flights.

There is a nice variety of themes to the flights – most are three 2 ounce glasses and will run from $14 to $18 per flight.

For $28 you can take the Grand Tour of six pours.

I think the addition of the flights is a genius move – while not cheep, the prices (as noted on these pre-menus) are not out of line either. Our server noted that the plan was to change the selections in the flights from time-to-time… a great idea for returning/frequent guests. The current wine list (which I assume will still be in place) is huge and unless you already have a familiarity with Italian wines (or wines in general) it can be quite a daunting and intimidating tome.

The food choices are also getting a makeover.

Several of the “small plate” offerings are being combined into what is being called “Gusto Plates for two or more”.

There is a suggested wine flight for each plate.

We’ll have to see what the portions served are, as the combos shown are more expensive than the current menu if you ordered each item separately. Hopefully the items will still be offered as individual plates for you to chose from.

The corkscrew pastas are still offered (and according to these menus, the prices are actually slightly less).

And there is the addition of two “Gusto Specialities” pasta items.

The Panini offerings look to be slightly different, and there is a Caesar salad “wedge” now on the side. The prices are significantly higher than the prior menu (the single sandwich was $9 while two was only $13), so we’ll have to see if the sizes are larger or if the new salad is at least large enough to justify the additional cost.

The dessert options look to be the same, but with a slight price reduction ($1 less each).

So if what we were told is accurate, this new menu should now be in place. It will be a couple of weeks before we have a chance to make our way back there, so if any of you have the chance to visit and report on the changes, please post your thoughts in the comments section!

Although it hasn’t surpassed La Cava in our hearts, Tutto Gusto has quickly become one of our favorite places in the World, and we’re eager to get back soon and check out the changes for ourselves, and of course, we’ll let you know what we think!

See you soon, it’s time to get back to the kitchen…

10 Responses to “Go for the Gusto!”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    It has surpassed La Cava for me! They have cheese! I’m just sayin’
    And then there are those olives, and that pasta, and well, everything there is amazing really!


  2. I have to say I do adore this place. I hope France or Germany get a similar experience soon. I also hope your server does not get in trouble for sharing and letting you take pictures, LOL.


  3. nora Says:

    It’s supposed to be a wine bar not a restaurant. It really gets exhausting that WDW creates an adult place with small plates AND now, they’re changing it into a restaurant.
    We were hoping it would be a hit and WDW would open at least one more venue that focused on adult beverages and small plates. (Much like thisfloridalife said, it would be great if Germany had a similar experience!)
    Couldn’t guests decide what they wanted and make their own combinations?
    Are they thinking that it will be added to the Disney Dining Plan and thus has to be “standardized” to warrant inclusion?
    I’m glad that they’re expanding offerings. I’m not glad that they seem to be standardizing options. I’m not glad that the prices are going up.
    Really not sure that this is a move that suits adult guests who want to cruise around World Showcase in a leisurely fashion enjoying the pavilions (and I don’t mean “drink around the world” parties.


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  6. Dr. Nigel Channing Says:

    Tutto Gusto is our favorite place to chill! Definitely hoping that they build similar offerings at many of the other countries.

    We’ll be there this coming up weekend, so we’ll get a chance to check out the new menu(s)!

    @Nora: I don’t get the impression that they are trying to turn it into a “restaurant” — I do think they are trying to help guests make better, quicker decisions (because there are a lot of options – which is a good thing – but can be overwhelming).

    That said, yes, some prices are going up, but did you see that some (desserts, etc.) are coming down? That’s wonderful!!


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