WDW Odds & Ends

August 28, 2012

Time for another random assemblage of stuff garnered from a few recent (and maybe not-really-that-recent) visits to the parks…

Let’s start at Miss Bonnie’s favorite park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

At what was the former Fastpass location in Discovery Island everyone’s favorite Wilderness Explorer Russell and his verbose canine pal Dug are having a meetup with their fans and fellow explorers.

Hello Russell!

As we wandered down the Pangani trail in Africa…

we came upon a fairly recent addition…

Termite Mound Display on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

a cutaway display of the impressive construction talents of the little termite.

In one of the retail locations we found several pieces of merchandise featuring a nice new AK graphic.

Scarves, dinnerware…

trivets, notebooks…

and even ball caps are adorned with the attractive logo featuring the Tree of Life.

There were also a couple of nice tee-shirts.

With merchandise in mind, let’s make a quick trip over to Downtown Disney and visit the sports-themed store Team Mickey Athletic Club.

Phineas and Ferb, along with their pet Perry the Platypus (aka Agent P), are now seemingly ubiquitous around the World (and we’ll see even more on this later).

Looks like he can handle the ball, but how’s his three-point shot?

And Agent P seems even to have joined the NBA!

The Big Cheese Mickey Mouse is adorning the shirts of several colleges and universities…

Mickey says “Roll Tide”!!!

of course right in front of the display is Mickey on the shirt of the defending NCAA football National Champs, the University of Alabama!

Now let’s move over to my favorite park, Epcot.

France Pavilion Gift Shop

Lot’s of changes are going on in the dining scene in the France pavilion – most of which are behind the scenes… the upstairs restaurant, Bistro de Paris, is currently closed while undergoing a refurbishment, while the only overt evidence of big changes are the construction walls inside the gift shop.

Inside the France Pavilion Gift Shop

The current Boulangerie Patisserie will become the Glacier ice cream parlor, while the expanded bakery area under construction will have a larger menu of savory items in addition to the currently offered pastries.

Inside the France Pavilion Gift Shop

For more details on the changes coming soon in France check out “Major Makeover for the France Pavilion at Epcot” on the official Disney Parks Blog.

New Tutto Gusto Menu

Over in Italy the new menu has gone into effect at the Tutto Gusto Wine Bar (see the post “Go for the Gusto!” for a preview of the new menu).

Wine Flights at Tutto Gusto

Of course we tried out some of the new wine flights and food offerings… will give you details in another post…

La Sicilaina Plate at Tutto Gusto

At the outside merchandise kiosk in America is a new version of a World Showcase tee-shirt…

Looks like this could be the official “Eating (and Drinking) Around the World” shirt!

food and drink from each of the countries around the World Showcase adorns this cool shirt.

Inside the pyramid of the Mexico pavilion is a new display in the entrance way (which of course you have to pass through to get to La Cava…) showing a bit of what life was like in ancient times in Mexico.

A replica of an Aztec Calendar Stone sits in the middle of the room.

Aztec Calendar Stone

Along the walls are several displays.

Anyone for a game of horse?

There is some pretty interesting stuff here – well worth stopping for a few minutes on your way to (or back from) having some tasty tequila.

Also in Epcot the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is now in full swing.

We had the chance to play-test the game before the official opening and have done a couple countries since it’s been in operation.

Can you help save the World Showcase from the evil ideas of Dr. Doofenshmirtz?

We’ve enjoyed what we’ve seen of it so far, and it’s looks like the Imagineers have added a few more wrinkles on top of the former Kim Possible game, so Miss Bonnie and I look forward to more adventures with the heroic Perry.

There’s still a ton of stuff going on at the Magic Kingdom, so let’s see what’s up in the new Fantasyland and elsewhere around MK.

Both of the Dueling-Dumbo spinners have been up and running for a few weeks now, and the new play/wait/don’t-call-it-a-queue area is also open.

The play area is very cute – we’ll see how the parents hold up to the screaming, running hordes while waiting for their turns on Dumbo when the crowds really attack Fantasyland…

maybe they should add a bar in the waiting area for the adults…

and this could become “Drink While You Wait”… I can dream, can’t I?

Nearby, the incredibly wet Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station has been open since mid-June.

This well detailed area features Casey Jr. and several circus train cars and their respective inhabitants. Here you see the giraffe and elephant train cars on the weekend the area opened:

Now let’s look at the elephants train car about two months later:Notice anything different???

Nut allergies be damned!

Yes boys and girls, the elephants former basketful of fruity goodness has been replaced with peanuts…

And while on the subject of changes in the area, let’s look at the restrooms… yes, the restrooms… at least the gentleman’s side…

Back in March we shared some, well, interesting signage in the new bathroom area (you can now pause and go read, or re-read, Thanks for the heads up…).

Directly above the urinals in the mens room was the sign noting the porcelain fixture used non-potable water… as if anyone would be taking a quick sip from same fixture…

Well now the urinals are sans-signage, as the “Non Potable Water in Use” message has been removed from above the urinals…

and in the entryway to the facility is this relatively generic message:

I’m guessing Disney Legal finally decided they really didn’t need to tell us not to drink from the toilet…

At one side of the Fantasyland train stop there is some luggage that looks to have been just unloaded from a train…

and it looks to be the baggage of some of the circus performers.

And one piece appears to be an homage to the recently departed Toontown:

Just up the way is the ever-popular construction walls…

While much of the major construction on the new Fantasyland is nearing completion (with most of the new area scheduled to open by the holiday season of 2012), the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride (and surrounding mountainscape) is still in the early stages.

Here’s a more recent view (taken August 11, 2012) than the prior two that were taken a couple of weeks before:

And just for fun, here’s a couple of more shots over the construction walls:

And if you can’t look over the walls…

one can always try to peek through he cracks…

Now let’s head over to Tomorrowland for a couple of quick things.

A while back, the big thing at The Lunching Pad was the specialty hot dog (see Magic Kingdom Odds & Ends… from September 3, 2010). The weenie-selection changed a bit over time, but the hot dogs were the featured menu item:

Part of the Lunching Pad Menu from 2010

It will not shock Dedicated Readers that I will stop by places just to check out menus and see if there is anything new, or perhaps to see if anything has been taken away… so we stopped by Fantasyland to look at the Lunching Pad.

Part of the Lunching Pad Menu from 2012

The specialty dogs have disappeared from the overhead menus, but if you go up to the window, you’ll see a small plastic menu with the dogs still on them.

I’d imagine this signals their ultimate dining demise here, but time will tell…

We’ll make a final stop in the gift shop at the exit of Space Mountain.

Here we came across a few Princess shirts neither Miss Bonnie or I had noticed anywhere before (not that I’m constantly looking for Princess-garb, mind you…).

These four tees were a bit more sassy, sorta sultry, and well, just more mature than your typical Princess merchandise.

A couple of odd things about these – one was they are being sold in the Space Mountain gift shop, and B, they were only in children’s sizes… (Bonnie searched for one that would fit her to no avail).

These looked like something that would be much more at home on the racks at TrenD, and perhaps these are left-overs from some other merchandise location… have you seen these before? If so, please post a note in the comments! Actually I really liked the images of the Princesses shown here – how about a few 8 x 10’s of these??? I’d put them on my wall…

Okay, we’ve gone on long enough for one post – hope you’ve enjoyed this version of Odds & Ends!

Now it’s time to get back to the kitchen – see you again soon!

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  1. Fantastic post!!!!


  2. Rose Says:

    I want one of those t-shirts. And a hot dog and something from Tutto Gusto! Another great post. Thanks


  3. Awesome blog! I’m so glad that I stumbled on it today! Can’t wait to read more!


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