Happy Third Birthday to La Cava!

August 31, 2012

It’s time for a few shots…

or maybe the margarita of your choice…

or even a bit of a snack…

what the heck – have them all! We’re celebrating!

This week marks the third anniversary of the opening of what I like to call “The Happiest Place in the Happiest Place on Earth” – La Cava del Tequila in the Mexico pavilion of Epcot.

Over the years I’ve spent many hours in the friendly confines of this now not-so-secret-spot… and I urge you to go back and read (or re-read) some of my very first posts here, which coincidentally happen to be about the opening days of this Happy Place…

The Tease – Part One” chronicles the weeks before La Cava opened, while “The Tease – Part Two” brings us up to the day before the doors were to open to the public…

and the post “Finally…” gets us inside the doorway…

So once again, Happy Anniversary to all my hard-working friends at La Cava! I look forward to many more years!


4 Responses to “Happy Third Birthday to La Cava!”

  1. Rose Says:

    Luv it! Just like our kids. They grow up so fast!! Is it 3 years already?


  2. Virginia R Says:

    These photos had to have been taken a while ago. The place is too crowded these days to look like your photos. Cheers!


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