Happy Third Anniversary to…

September 9, 2012

Eating (and Drinking) Around the World!

Yes, Dear Dedicated Readers (all three of you), it’s been three years since that first, brief introductory post in 2009. I doubted my sanity (as many others have done over the years) at the prospect of starting yet another Disney/food/whatever blog out there in the morass of the blogosphere… but I have surprised myself a little in actually keeping up with it, and I’ve been even more surprised that there are actually a few of you out there that seem to enjoy (or at least tolerate) my ramblings… and I’m even more amazed that there have been readers from something like 120 countries! I’m sure a few have stumbled upon the blog by simple accident, and yeah, there have only been one or two readers from places like Azerbaijan, Iraq and the Åland Islands, but hell, I’m counting them! And shouldn’t Bosnia and Herzegovina count as two countries anyway??? Anyway…

So, I have to thank those that have supported and encouraged me over the first three years (you know who you are), but mostly I have to thank you, Dear Dedicated Readers, for being there out in the (mostly) anonymous vastness of the Interwebs… when I look at the stats and see that someone has actually read my babblings here I kinda get the old “warm-and-fuzzies”… and when one of you takes the time out of your day to actually comment or “like” a post, well, I sometimes need a bit of alone time…

As long as you keep reading, I’ll do my best to keep giving you something worth checking in for. As I said when I started this, I can’t promise regular posts (as most of you know, “Real Life” sometimes interferes, and Miss Bonnie and I have committed to something in January that will take up quite a bit of my time between now and then…), but I’ll try and get you something (hopefully) fun/interesting/elucidating/or at least not-too-sucky as often as I can…

Thanks for coming along for the ride… you don’t know how much it means to me that you’re there.

Now as always, it’s back to the kitchen! See you again soon!

14 Responses to “Happy Third Anniversary to…”

  1. Rose Says:

    I for one enjoy your ramblings! Thanks!!


  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you indulged in some sort of treat today to celebrate!


  3. emmabarbie Says:

    Happy Anniversary Andy! I’ve been reading along since meeting you at an All About the Mouse podcast meet in December 2009 🙂 love all the posts, particularly the recipes!


  4. Nena Says:

    I still love it!! I have tried several of the recipes, which I might add have been “mighty tasty”. Keep it up! Nena


  5. zellie Says:

    I absolutely enjoy this blog! Happy 3 years!!


  6. Bonnie Says:

    Happy Anniversary honey!
    From Miss Bonnie


  7. V Says:

    I feel the same way when I read my blog’s [read: less impressive than yours lol] stats! Happy anniversary!


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