I get a little bit tingly…

September 17, 2012

the first time I walk into Epcot and see the Food & Wine Festival booths popping up around the World Showcase!

Craft Beer Booth

As you enter the World Showcase from Future World the Craft Beer location is, as in the past few years, the first booth you will come across (gotta have something to fortify you for that long walk to the next kiosk, right?).


To the left is one of the two new kiosks this year: TERRA, the vegan booth. There has been much clamor for more vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants around property, and during the festival as well… I’m looking forward to trying the offerings here to see how well they can pull off the meatless dishes for the first time.


The other new location for this year is highlighting local Florida products…

Florida Kiosk

located between Japan and the funnel cake booth at one side the American Adventure pavilion, the Florida kiosk is designed to look like a roadside produce stand.

Florida Kiosk

One side of the structure is emblazoned with the words “Fresh from Florida”.

“Fresh from Florida” is the advertising slogan that has been used by the Florida Department of Agriculture for the past several years. The items being served here (a White Corn Arepa with Pork and a Shrimp Ceviche) both sound wonderful, and I’m also quite looking forward to sampling the food (and locally produced adult beverages!) here. But as a long-time Florida resident (and one whose Real Job associates him with the Department of Agriculture) I wish that there had been a larger, more diverse, location devoted to Florida and it’s food products and history (like the Oklahoma and Louisiana/New Orleans sites in recent years).

While we’re on the subject, check out a couple of the Fresh from Florida sites: the Fresh from Florida Blog and the Fresh from Florida Kids. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Australian Kiosk

About two-thirds of the booths are in place at the time of this writing.

Miss Bonnie’s favorite booth! At least until they add an all Caramel kiosk…

A couple of the larger locations are still hiding behind foliage…

Beer Garden area in Germany

the Beer Garden section in Germany with the food booth on one side and the Brewers Collection on the other has been very popular the past couple of years.


Likewise, Belgium has been among the more popular kiosks in recent years. Waffles and mussels and Stella, oh my!

Behind the scenes of the Belgium area

And thanks to a genial horticultural Cast Member, we got an unencumbered peek behind the scenes.

A look from the other side…

Many of the buildings are in familiar locations, although as is usual, a few have been moved around…

Morocco Kiosk

Some booths get picked up and dropped in totally different locations from the prior year, while it looks like a few are going to be slightly relocated to help the crowd flow – the Morocco kiosk has sat further out in the walkway in past years, while (at least for now) it’s sitting back closer to the water.

Hops and Barley Market sign

The busy Hops and Barley Market, which features many varieties of Sam Adams brews along with Northeastern US eats, will move from the main drag across from the American Gardens Theatre to the relatively quiet open space further from the lagoon.

Hops and Barley Market

We’re now less than two weeks away! I’m getting excited!

Yes we’ll join you – thanks for asking!

How about you? Will you be able to get to Epcot this year for the Food & Wine Festival? If so, what are you looking forward to most? And if you’re going to be here, I hope to see you!

if you can’t make it, I’ll try to give you at least a little bit of the flavor of the event here on the blog!

Back to the kitchen – see you soon!

3 Responses to “I get a little bit tingly…”

  1. I am going to be honest, I scrolled past some photos, I like to be surprised a little when seeing the booths. I am in LOVE with the Florida booth of course. Thanks for sharing, I am getting very excited.


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