The TARDIS has landed…

October 28, 2012

and other Epcot Odds and Ends…

Over the past several weeks we’ve made more than one visit to Epcot (which should come as no great shock to Dedicated Readers), and have come across a few interesting things (that are not necessarily related to the Best Time of Year AKA the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival), so let’s take a look, shall we?

For many weeks there was construction in the France pavilion (see a picture from mid-September above) on the Aurora meet-and-greet area.

By the end of September a gazebo was seen peeking out above the scrim.

Well now the walls have come down and the Sleeping Beauty is greeting guests in her new area in France.

Princess Aurora meeting her fans

The new area is certainly an improvement over just having Aurora out on the sidewalk as she had been before, but considering the amount of space that had been hidden during the construction (you can check out more during construction views in the September 20, 2012 Epcot Odds & Ends post), I was honestly expecting a little bit more than a bit of extra sidewalk and a gazebo…

Now let’s look at some beer news… mmmmm…. beer….

The sake bar tucked into the back of the Mitsukoshi store in Japan has been offering some unusual brews lately, and now is serving “The Plateau of the Galaxy”… no, haven’t tried it yet… have you?

Also on the shelf at the store is this:

Beertaste Beverage

the taste of canned Japanese beer without the buzz… thanks, but no thanks…

Outside the Kabuki Cafe is likewise now serving up an unusual form of brew…

Frozen Kirin Beer!

And no, I haven’t tried this one either as at first look a frozen beer didn’t seem too appealing… however after reading a bit more about this beverage I’m eager to give it a shot.

Turns out it not a totally iced-up drink, like a frozen margarita or daiquiri, but instead it has essentially a frozen head to keep the rest of the draft cold longer (too bad this wasn’t introduced in the heat of the summer as opposed to when the temps are finally moderating in central Florida!) – you can read more details in a post on the Disney Parks Blog. I’ll give my opinion soon…

Now let’s head over to Morocco for a bite at the Tangerine Cafe.

This is not just one of my favorite quick-service options in Epcot, but in all of WDW – the food is flavorful, (mostly) healthy  and filled with spices and tastes you won’t find anywhere else on Property. But the fun thing Miss Bonnie and I found here during lunch one day was the utensils… as you pickup your food you get your desired eating tools from three dispensers… you can get forks, knives, and spoons… but not just any spoons…

Utensil dispensers at Tangerine Cafe

but multi-purpose spoons! Wow!

The amazing, incredible Multi-Purpose Spoon (on the left, just in case you weren’t sure)!

Last month I had shared pics of construction walls around some of the entrance area of Epcot, and had been told that they were installing the RFID readers for park entry…

Epcot main turnstile area circa September 14, 2012

when the walls came down…

Epcot main turnstile area circa September 29, 2012

no new readers, just the same old turnstiles… turns out they were just working on some of the concrete behind some of the turnstiles… a castmember did say (and as we know, always take info from front-line castmembers with at least a couple of grains of salt…) that the readers would be installed, but no schedule was set.

Crown & Crest Store in the United Kingdom area of Epcot

Now let’s head to the UK to check out some merchandise…

Goofy, Donald, Minnie and, of course, Mickey are featured in some cute new shirts for sale in the Crest & Crown store.

And it’s also in this shop that we catch our first hint of a Time Lord making an appearance in Epcot….

appropriately inside of a phone box…

Just past the Crown & Crest is the Toy Soldier, which these days carries very little in the way of toys, most of the merchandise is currently devoted to The Beatles and a few of the other British-Invasion era bands.

The TARDIS (the Doctor’s vehicle for traveling through time and space) and the Doctor Who logo are featured on one shirt.

It’s here we find some shirts devoted to the long-running and hugely popular BBC science fiction program Doctor Who.

The Weeping Angels, horrifying new villains from the past few seasons of Doctor Who predominate on this shirt.

The TARDIS (which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is central to all three of the shirts for sale here.

Tom Baker was my first…

Being a long-time Whovian, I was excited when I heard that we were getting some Who merch in the UK, but was a bit disappointing to see that it only consisted of three shirts… I was hoping for something along the line of Dalek or TARDIS models, maybe Cyberman action figures, just something more… hopefully we’ll see more Doctor Who goods here in the future!

Okay, I’m sure more than a few Dedicated Readers are asking Doctor Who? Well, in the smallest of nutshells, the good Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who flits through time and space generally doing good and quite frequently saving the universe from a panoply of bad guys. The show debuted auspiciously the day after the assassination of JFK, but despite the series debut being overshadowed by the dramatic world news, the show became one of the longest-running TV shows in the world, and the characters are iconic in British popular culture. After a hiatus in production, the show was re-booted (and the new series have been excellent in my humble opinion) in 2005 and has gained new fans worldwide as well as being lauded by old lovers of the show. In the US the show can be seen on BBC America. If you may actually want to know more (and maybe one or two of you may…), the wikipedia entry on Doctor Who is actually pretty good.

And if the Doctor Who merchandise sells well maybe I can hope for some stuff based on my favorite British Supermarionation series like Fireball XL5 or The Thunderbirds… okay, a nerd can dream, can’t he???

Okay, so there you have a few things (hopefully) of interest from Epcot… and yes, there is more Food & Wine goodness to cover… we’ll share more from the Festival soon!

Back to the kitchen…

5 Responses to “The TARDIS has landed…”

  1. LOL…LOVE The Thunderbirds…I finally have the complete series on DVD…!!!


  2. gaynycdad Says:

    Can’t wait to see this in December!


  3. Virginia R Says:

    Love the new Mickey shirt. Maybe I should get one before heading to London again.


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  5. […] while back in the post “The TARDIS has landed…” I showed you how a few bits of Doctor Who merchandise had begun to show up in the United […]


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