Margarita of the Month: December

December 17, 2012

Margarita of the Month: December

Chili Peach Margarita

Chili Peach Margarita

Nothing says Christmas cheer to me more than fruit juice, hot peppers and tequila… okay, not really, but I needed some sort of intro to this drink didn’t I???

Let’s move on…

This recipe was inspired by the Chili Martini Cocktail from the White on Rice Couple site (more on them later).

Taking the main flavors from that recipe, I made the inspired substitution of tequila for the original vodka (genius, ain’t I?) and so we have this month’s beverage – let’s dive right in, shall we?

Chili Peach Margarita

3 ounces Silver Tequila

4 ounces Peach Nectar

1 ounce Agave Nectar or Simple Syrup

1 Fresh Chili Pepper (Thai or Serrano or your pepper of choice – see below)

Whole pepper (or slice of same) as above for garnish if desired


Chose your chili of choice (the type and volume of pepper will be up to the individuals heat level desired – just give it a go and adjust on the next drink as needed…), halve and seed. Muddle the pepper with the tequila in a cocktail shaker to release the pepper’s flavor (and heat). Add the peach nectar and the sweetener to the shaker. Throw in a good amount of ice and shake like your life depends on it!

Sugar the rim of a glass (yes, sugar). Strain the spicy beverage into prepared glass. Garnish with a pepper (or piece thereof) if you want. Makes two reasonably-sized drinks.

Chili Peach Margarita

Chili Peach Margarita

This is really tasty – and if you like things hot, it’s certainly worth a try! If you make it, please leave your thoughts in the comments!

And yeah, this probably technically isn’t a margarita, but it has tequila so I’m gonna let it pass…

Now back to the inspiration for this….

Todd Porter and Diane Cu are the White on Rice Couple – they are talented photographers, cooks, bloggers and soon-to-be cookbook authors… most of all they are very cool people with a great outlook on life…

Be sure to check them and their site out at – and if you don’t look at anything else, be sure to watch at the video “Our Life Recipe…”

Sit back, have a drink… I’m back to the kitchen…

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