WDW Odds & Ends: More Construction Wall Fun!

April 10, 2013

I know that Dedicated Readers just love it when I post pictures of construction walls around Disney property! And there were a few new ones found on a recent visit to the World, so let’s take a look!

Bridge heading to Africa in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Bridge heading to Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Starting over in Animal Kingdom, as you head towards Harambe in Africa you’ll now see a construction wall starting at the bridge from the Discovery Island area heading to Africa.


The wall hides the water to the left side of the bridge…


and follows the river beside the Dawa Bar…


goes behind the bar and continues back behind the entrance/exit area of the Tusker House restaurant.


The talk going around has been that a new theater to house the Festival of the Lion King show would be built in Africa (so that the existing theater in Camp Minnie-Mickey could be razed making way for Avatar-land…), and this big expanse of vision-hiding vertical walls seems to bear that out…

Update – since first publishing this post, Miss Bonnie has verified with one of the main singers in the Lion King show that they have been told that the new theater is now being built behind Tusker House.

Now let’s move over to Epcot.

Construction Wall in the American Adventure area of Epcot

Construction Wall in the American Adventure area of Epcot

Perhaps not as exciting as a new theater, but there has also been rumor of a new restroom going into the World Showcase between the Japan and the US pavilions (if guess if you need to use the restroom it might be exciting).


This wall next to the American Adventure gift shop sure seems to be a logical place for a new loo… and they wouldn’t have to take down any of the nice trees beside Japan… and I don’t think there is anyone that would argue that Epcot, and especially World Showcase, could use a few more stalls and urinals…

Scrim and construction walls on the lagoon side of Morocco

Scrim and construction walls on the lagoon side of Morocco

And what may likely be the most-peeked-thru set of construction walls over the next few months is in nearby Morocco…

A peek through a gap...

A peek through a gap…

It’s no rumor that the newest waterside eatery in Epcot is going to be housed here.


Dubbed “The Spice Road Table”, it will reportedly be a “small plates” restaurant, sounding very much like the popular Tutto Gusto in Italy, but with a Mediterranean bent. The official Disney announcement was posted by Pam Brandon on the Disney Parks Blog, while our good friend AJ Wolfe has more details and some inside scoop over at the Disney Food Blog. I’m very much looking forward to this!

Temporary stage for Mo' Rockin

Temporary stage for Mo’ Rockin

The outside gift shop, and adjoining performance stage for the popular band-and-belly-dancer combo Mo’ Rockin, have been flattened. A temporary stage for the band is now in front of the exit area for the boats that currently ply the waters of the lagoon, while the gift shop wares have been condensed and inserted inside the front of the Tangerine Cafe quick service restaurant.

Condensed Morocco gift shop.

Condensed Morocco gift shop.

The Henna artist now plies her trade in the outside covered seating area of the Tangerine Cafe.


So there you have it Dear Dedicated Readers, another loving look at construction wall fun around the World! I’m sure we’ll keep updating these upcoming edifices as time goes on…

Back to the kitchen, see you soon!

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