Knock, knock… Who’s there?

July 30, 2013

The Doctor…

Doctor Who?


New Doctor Who shirt featuring all the TV Doctors

New Doctor Who shirt featuring all the TV Doctors

A while back in the post “The TARDIS has landed…” I showed you how a few bits of Doctor Who merchandise had begun to show up in the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot… well, the TARDIS has not just landed in Epcot, but it has now spewed out tons to Who merch!

Okay, so if you’ve been living under a scifi/pop culture rock for the past nearly 50 years (and especially the past few when the long-running BBC series has gone past the cult status and has become a huge hit on this side of the pond) and have no idea who Who is, click on the link to the post above for a quick primer…


So let’s check out the goods!


Shirts are, not surprisingly, in abundance, including this one with an homage to the garb worn by Matt Smith, the actor who is currently portraying the Doctor:


so when Smith leaves the role (as he will after this season), will bow ties still be cool??? Okay, Alton Brown wears them, so I’ll say yes…. hummm… Alton is a big Who fan… I could see him as the Doctor! Will we have the first American Doctor??? Nope, won’t happen, but wouldn’t he be great in the role? Enough fantasy casting, back to the wares…

Dalek coffee mug display

Dalek coffee mug display

And you can’t have much Doctor Who merchandise without some for the long-time enemies of the Doctor, the Daleks.

Dalek Blueprint

Dalek Blueprint

There are also some cloth TARDIS goods…

Come on, if we're going to have a scarf, shouldn't it be the iconic Tom Baker one???

Come on, if we’re going to have a scarf, shouldn’t it be the beloved Tom Baker one???

and refrigerator magnets, including the very clever one here:

It takes a true Whovian to get this one! Can you explain it in the comments???

It takes a true Whovian to get this one! Can you explain it in the comments???

There are also several posters…

DSCF4399including a van Gogh inspired one…


and a very nice one featuring all the television Doctors (no Peter Cushing here…):


I’m actually kinda surprised the BBC has chosen to include Paul McGann (second from the top on the right) on this poster (and the tee-shirt shown at the beginning of this post) as he never appeared as the Doctor in a series on BBC, but just once in the ill-fated US TV movie in 1996 (and yes, he has performed the role in several BBC audio shows…), but this is a minor (and I’m sure very geeky) quibble…

So if you’re looking to get your Who-fix while at WDW, but sure to check out the store in the UK at Epcot! I can’t wait to see what shows up there next!

4 Responses to “Knock, knock… Who’s there?”

  1. kaitielakes Says:

    Aw, two heart because the Doctor has two hearts. Clever. I’m a newer fan – working through the “current” series, then planning on going back to the “classics” – love this and can’t wait to drop by on my next EPCOT visit!


  2. jtt Says:

    Every good Gallifreyan has two hearts! Consider that Sylvester McCoy was in the tv movie as well, his version of The Doctor dies and McGann takes over. There was continuity from the BBC series, so I don’t have a problem with using his image. It’s a small role to be sure, but the inclusion of McCoy makes it legitimate in my eyes.


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