Let’s Cook! Miss Bonnie’s Cole Slaw

September 1, 2013

Need a last-minute Labor Day side dish? Or just an easy and great side for any time of the year?

Miss Bonnie’s Cole Slaw

Miss Bonnie’s Cole Slaw

Considering yesterday was National Bacon Day (okay, so I’m a bit late, but like National Tequila Day and National Margarita Day, pretty much every day is National Bacon Day around here!), I thought it was time to finally share Miss Bonnie’s super slaw recipe.

This is another of those great dishes that’s incredibly easy, but is totally delicious and always elicits requests for the recipe – take this along to your next cookout and see!

So now, Let’s Cook!

Miss Bonnie’s Cole Slaw


2 Bags Packaged Slaw Mix (you can use the regular type or the Angel Hair, I’m partial to the latter myself)

1 Bottle (about 12 ounces) Coleslaw Dressing (Bonnie likes Marie’s brand, usually found refrigerated in the produce section)

4 oz Crumbled Blue Cheese

12 slices Bacon (your favorite type)

Start by cooking your bacon until crispy…

Mmmm... bacon...

Mmmm… bacon…

Miss Bonnie likes to use the microwave, but cook however you like. Drain on paper towels if needed.

Put the slaw mix into a roomy bowl…

Yeah, a bigger bowl than this would have been better...

Yeah, a bigger bowl than this would have been better…

and pour in the dressing. Mix well.

Cheese, Gromit, cheese!

Cheese, Gromit, cheese!

Add the blue cheese and stir again.


Crumble in the bacon…


and give it one final stir.


Take a big bite… then smile… then thank Miss Bonnie!

The full recipe easily serves 8 – 10 people. Simply use one bag of the slaw mix and halve the other ingredients for a smaller gathering – you can pretty much just eyeball it.

The bacon quantity usually winds up being a bit less than specified – at least a slice or three winds up getting sampled for “quality control”…  Bonnie likes to add the crumbled crispy pig just before serving, so if you’re taking this on the road or making ahead, you can mix everything up except the bacon (which you can pre-crumble and stick in a baggie) and then stir in the bacon right before serving… but trust me, it’s still great the next day… of course you could always add more freshly crumbled bacon to a leftover batch if you desire (and why wouldn’t you?)… but there may not even be leftovers, so that may be a moot point…

Seriously, this stuff is great, and couldn’t be easier… give it a try!

Back to the kitchen, see you soon!

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  1. I need a bacon rack like that.


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