Animal Kingdom Odds & Ends

September 22, 2013

We looked at some odds & ends from the Magic Kingdom a few days ago, so to continue on with a look at our recent visit to WDW, let’s now take a quick look at some odds & ends from Miss Bonnie’s favorite park, Animal Kingdom.


We checked out the fairly new meet-and-greet for Mickey and Minnie, and while in line you get to see several cute pictures of the rodent couple while on their adventures around the world…



the room where you get to see M & M and have your photo taken with the renowned couple is chock-full of details…




including a Mickey-shaped butterfly net.



We also stopped by the fairly new allergy-free/healthy-eating kiosk (officially known as the Gardens Kiosk)…

Gardens Kiosk on Discovery Island

Gardens Kiosk on Discovery Island

Here guests can get info about dining locations in the park for those with special dietary needs and also purchase some gluten-free snacks (some packaged and several freshly baked items from babycakes in Downtown Disney) and beverages (including gluten-free beer) along with fresh fruit. I chatted a while with the cast members there, and they said that the response to the kiosk had been quite good and this was a test and similar kiosks could eventually be rolled out in the other parks.


The official Disney website has this to say about the Gardens Kiosk: “Happen upon this oasis of vitality to find healthy offerings as well as other helpful information regarding Guests with specific food allergies. Discover a snack suitable to your dietary restrictions while you learn about other nutritious options available throughout the park!”

What it doesn’t mention is that, yes dear Dedicated Readers, you can get a beer here at nine in the morning… good thing to know…


And speaking of beverages, we also made a visit to my favorite spot in the village of Harambe: the Dawa Bar.


Due to the continued construction of the new theater for the Festival of the Lion King show, the bar was reported to be moved the day after we were there, but the cast member working behind the bar that day said she didn’t know exactly when or where it would be relocated to. Below you can see the construction wall right behind the bar with the walls of the new theater peaking above the construction wall.


While in Africa, we took a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris with the hopes of seeing a couple of the newest additions to the animal population of the savannah.


We were rewarded with some great views of two baby giraffes who had just recently made their first forays onto the savannah. There is one youngster of each species (Masai and Reticulated), and they are about as cute as any six-foot-tall animal can be!


So there you have it, a few odds & ends from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot is up next so we’ll see you soon!

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